Not much

Ohhhh I know… I should have been blogging all week but I’ve been busy! I’m working on putting my life back together. This starts with a very important double-interview on friday and my very first Lia Sophia show next week Wednesday.

OK! So here’s what I’m working on/have finished.

I finished the market bag after making quite a few changes to the pattern. I made it from the top-town, knitting 200 stitches for more than 400 yards before the decreases in which I changed color to a contrasting blue color. I then knit two straps at 100 stitches each and threw them in the washing machine. They felted gorgeously and I put it all together after it dried overnight and it was ready for a photoshoot.

I need to anchor the straps on the sides of the bag so the weight won’t ruin the thing.

It fits a large amount of yarn perfectly and it’s just super comfortable sitting there on my arm.

I also finished a sock.

I’m coming to appreciate the sock much more now that it’s summer and I don’t have to worry about a piece of knitting trying to swallow me in the massive heat of summer. This little baby doesn’t have a photo yet because I haven’t yet finished the other (I’m about a quarter-done with the second sock) but I can safely say I avoided Second Sock Syndrome with this pair. I’m also planning on another pair in green Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Fine.

Finally, with my first Lia Sophia show coming up, I’m making lots of plans for my future business, including:

Shameless advertising

Using one of these to offer free things to people who choose one of the dates listed to host a party.


This will soon be a 10-inch tube to cover the glass of a picture frame. Add a couple buttons and they’ll make an amazing showcase for a couple pieces of jewelry.

I now know it’s summer. Why? It’s been nearly 100 degrees for the last three days, the AC is on full blast at all times, and…

The Clematis are blooming like crazy buds.

The rain is starting for a great cool-down night, I’m comfy at home knitting with a kitten on my stomach. He is offsetting the power of the Air Conditioner by being my very own furnace. Louie is happy on my tummy so I’m not going to disturb him.

Happy knitting, kids. I’ll be at WorldWide Knit In Public day on Sunday on the Loop/Alterra patio at noon. Let’s freak out the muggles.


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