Tonight I made a mess.

My prom dress from 2006 has been sitting in my closet since that one night I spent in it in 2006.

I also saw one of the ladies at Stitch n Bitch knitting Tulle into a dish-scrubbie and I realized that I had tulle and I could easily knit some of those and some shower scrubbies too!  So tonight I took my prom dress and turned it into this:

It seemed like a lot more fabric when on the dress.

There’s also a good amount of the more structured white tulle that I may be turning into a couple dish scrubbies when I move out but right now they’re kind of useless if I were to knit with them. The rest of the fabric will probably go to covering pillows or backing something; I haven’t decided.

I’ll be knitting it up and giving them out and keeping a couple too. The color combo is really pretty so I imagine it’ll stripe very well.

Today was Worldwide Knit in Public day. I’ll be posting photos from my work of yesterday.


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