Best first date. Ever

I had a first date with The Chef (as he will be heretofore known) last night and it was fantastic.

He said to his friends, “I have a date on Sunday. She’s a knitter.”

He cooked me a wonderful and tasty dinner and we watched movies annnnd!

I taught him how to knit.

I let him borrow a set of my size 8 needles and I gave him some old Lion Brand yarn that he could make himself a scarf.

Knitting has a learning curve to it, but he caught on quickly enough. I showed him how to cast on by literally guiding his hands through the motions, then showed him how to do the knit stitches by doing the same thing. I knit on the green alpaca sock I started recently on size 1 needles while sitting behind him and he knit his way through three rows of garter stitch and he didn’t drop a stitch at all (though he did pick up some of the stitches below, but they were fixed easily enough). The real test is if he can remember how to do it again today but I told him he has a week until we see each other again so he’s got some time to get lots of knitting done!

Of course, in my ulterior motive, I gave him the needles for the incentive to see him again.


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