A-Z of Knitting (IS BACK!)

It’s been a very long time since I last wrote one of these so I figured I’d finish the set and start over again! So it’ll be a good way to keep the blog alive while I am doing nothing interesting concerning knitting.

P is for:

Presents: Let’s face it, non-knitters don’t know what to buy their knitterly counterparts even if we tell them to buy us yarn, gift cards, needles etc (usually because they think we have too much already). I had an ex boyfriend who refused to buy me anything knitterly. This is probably why he’s now my ex boyfriend.

P is also for:

Purl: It’s one of the two main stitches. I hate purling, mostly because of its awkward positioning with my hands. It just becomes futzy and I don’t particularly enjoy doing it. Though Purls make some of the prettier stitches. K1P1 ribbing is my favorite. It’s stretchy and purdy.


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