Le Tour de Fleece and a massive update

I finally have a moment to write and it’s not even going to be the best post I could write.

During most all of my free time I have been…not knitting. I’ve been in Port Washington with The Chef, having far too much fun and not even thinking about knitting until Sunday night when he watched a really gorey movie that gave me the willies. No good photographic evidence of us has surfaced as of yet (mostly because I took pictures when both of us were half asleep and it was still dark out. Soon, grasshoppers…soon. He’s a cutie though, so no worries.

I’ve also been avoiding my stash because I’m woefully uninspired by it. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of yarn and I love most of it, I just don’t want to knit anything from it. It’s quite the conundrum if I do say so.

Instead, I’ve become inspired (and obsessed) with cosplaying Amy Pond in The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

For those of you who don’t know, Cosplay is Costume Play. It’s a nerd thing. Basically we dress up as our favorite characters and go to nerd conventions and have a blast. My friend Andy does an amazing Matt Smith Doctor and his girlfriend will be going as Idris; the Doctor’s Wife. I knit the Amy Pond scarf many moons ago and decided that I could totally pull off orange hair and go as Amy to GenCon this year in Indy. The Chef has just agreed to be my Roman Centurian Rory and I must say, I can’t wait to see him in that outfit looking all sexy and Roman-like.

Anyway– I had the scarf, jeans, black leather jacket and dark purple under-shirt. I needed the red hair, brown cowboy-esque boots, orange nail polish and the red fingerless gloves (with a full thumb) and light purple v-neck shirt.

I went to Target and magically found the orange nail polish and light purple shirt. I found the boots on shoes.com and whimpered when I saw I’d have to fork out 60 bucks for a pair of boots that I’ve never tried on let alone seen in real life. I knit up one of the fingerless mitts in less than 10 hours and I’ve since started the second while waiting for work. I bought temporary orange hair-color-spray and I’ll be experimenting with it soon to get the perfect orange shade. I also bought red to mix with the orange in case it gets too traffic-coney.

I also cast on the mitts on Saturday before going to see Larry Crowne with Mom at the Majestic. The movie was awesome and I finished up to the thumb gusset (very long arms) on the mitts.

After a trip to Michael’s in Grafton with The Chef to get DPNs to finish the mitts, I finished the gusset and hand and set to figuring out how to make fingers on my own. It wasn’t too hard but created a lot of ends that needed weaving in.

The nail color is wrong, but that’s because it’s REALLY orange and I don’t bode well with orange nail color.

Once all that is done, I’ll have the outfit complete. I have a month.

I have also been knitting on two socks. One pair is on size 1 needles and one a pair on size 1 needles. Pictures to come

These socks are very slow going, mostly because I’m not totally invested in them and mostly because my mind is elsewhere.

Saturday also was the first day of the Tour de Fleece. The Tour de Fleece is simple: They spin, we spin and since I have a spinning wheel I’m participating as a rookie. I added more spin to my 100% baby alpaca on Saturday.

I took the day off Sunday because I was with The Chef and spent most of the afternoon spinning at Jenny’s house for our regular knit-night. I lugged my Kiwi out of the house, seat-belted it into the front seat and took it to her house for good food, good conversation and a bobbin of singles.

When spun, I imagine this single will be about a DK-Worsted weight.

Which it was.

Tonight I fought with the other half of the roving and I’ve decided not to buy from this particular vendor ever again because it’s felted and the top doesn’t have a specific direction so one of the ladies actually saw me having to pull hard on the roving so it’s really annoying to get this half to work.

Jenny also showed me her stash and offered me some roving because I’m poor and can’t find quality roving anywhere in Wisconsin unless I order it online so she opened her stores to me and destashed on me for a nominal fee and I made out really well with some seriously gorgeous roving!

They’re being put in the freezer because Jenny had a bout of moths recently and I’m killing them off just in case. They spent the past day in the freezer, then are currently sitting out in my kitchen and tomorrow, I’ll put them in the freezer again. I don’t think there’s going to be a problem, but I’m being safe nonetheless.

I hope all of you had a safe and wonderful 4th. I’m going to do my best to start blogging more often. Now that I have more blog-worthy items to talk about, I’ll hopefully get photographic evidence more often and get it published.


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