Days 1-8 of Tour de Fleece.

As a nice little catch-up:

Day 1 was a last ditch effort for spinning so I added more spin to the skein of Baby Alpaca I called Bagheera. I finished it quickly and ran out the door to Port Washington.

Day 2 was skipped because I was spending far too much time with my boyfriend. You understand, I’m sure.

Day 3 I spent with the Stitch n Bitch ladies hanging out, grilling out and spinning. Jenny also sold me a ton of roving.

I took it all out of the freezer and have since started spinning up a good chunk of it. I expect it to be gone by the end of the month and I’ll be in need of more by the end of the Tour. This conundrum doesn’t seem to faze me.

Day 4 featured me teaching myself how to chain ply and finishing off the four oz roving after fighting through the nepps and felty bits.

Day 5 meant I finished off the blue merino and started on some bare alpaca. I got ADD with this fiber  and plied it up before finishing the roving. It’s still in a bag on the floor waiting to be spun up. I can’t tell when it’ll get done.

Day 6 meant I could dive into the new stash of roving! I chain plied the alpaca, it’s scratchy… and I spun up all four oz of the Miss Babs Fiber (called Chocolate Roses) that I’m calling Mulled Wine.

I took day 7 off because I was deathly ill, had a Lia Sophia show that went until 10 so I didn’t get home until 11 and I was exhausted and feverish and wanted to just crawl under tons of quilts and go to sleep. So I did. I slept until my alarm went off, still had a fever, called into work and went back to sleep until my fever broke and I started being able to breathe.

Today, day 8, was awesome. I chain plied (I’m obsessed) the Miss Babs yarn, wound it on the swift, pulled it off to find it’s the most calm spinning I’ve ever done! Usually the yarn has a tendency to spring back on me and wind up but this one laid calmly and it was a miracle. It’s also so well spun and balanced that I just sat and stared at it for a while.

I then started spinning up some more from the stash. The purple mixture needed to be drafted so I could make a proper yarn, so I made it into 16 little balls of drafted roving, so it will make a gradient of light, medium and dark purples. I got to the point of the medium purple last night before getting too tired and the kittens wanted to sleep on me, so I stopped.

So that’s it! When I finally wake up, hopefully feeling better, I’ll finish spinning up the purple yarn and keep up my spinning mojo.


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