one mile

The Tour de Fleece is still going on strong and I’m having a lot of spinnerly fun and I’ve hit the milestone of spinning a mile of yarn. That’s 1760 yards and I’ve beaten it by 10 yards. SO!

Day 9 was a pretty big spinning day for me. I spun the entire four-ounce roving of this soft Merino and I made it into a gradient. While mom and I watched Angels & Demons, I split it up into 16 piecesand started spinning it up by color gradient. I wound up with a very pretty looking yarn and I can’t wait to spin up something to show off the gradient.

George was my model for this one. He totally hammed it up that afternoon. The following day (day 10) I chain plied the singles at Knit Night and took a picture the following morning as the sun was coming up and I went to work.

I took the next couple days off because I had migraines and I was exhausted and I went to Port to visit The Chef and it was just a long couple days. I picked up the wheel on day 13 and spun up 2.2 oz of Pigeonroof Studios Superwash Corriedale.

The next day I spun up the other 2.2 and then did a 2-ply of the yarn. I am absolutely in love with the coloring. 

Day 14 was a great day. I spun up all four oz of Ashland Bay Colonial Merino in a blue base with greens, pinks, yellows, etc. and it’s pretty great. I finished all four ounces in four hours and I was extremely proud of my abilities. 

I then went to dinner and shopping with Mom and came home and spun up 2 ounces of Squoosh Fibers Superwash Merino in Everglades. It’s extremely soft and vibrant and I am loving it.

I would have spun up the rest of it tonight but I spent my day counting and then I went to see the new Harry Potter (uhm. Amazing!) and now I’m just plain tired so I won’t be spinning anymore.

Tomorrow I’ll be putting the wheel in the car for Knit night where we’ll freak out the muggles by spinning again. That, of course, is if I get out of work at a decent hour.


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