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The Tour de Fleece Finals

It’s finally over.

I have spun a little under a mile and a half of yarn during the three weeks of the tour. My hands are dead and I have just about run out of spinning to do.

So! Here’s an update!

The plies of the Ashland Bay and Squoosh Fibers.

I didn’t spin the next day but got a knitpicks order for more than a pound of Wool of the Andes fiber.

6.1 oz of GORGEOUS Alpaca/Merino/Silk blend called Garden Party. It made 390 yards and I’m more than proud of it.

The next day I spent with the stove on; I dyed three rovings in blue and two in red. They spent a day in the bathroom drying and they’re only a little felty–nothing I can’t handle. It’ll make enough probably for a shawl and a cardigan, if I get really good soon.

I helped Murphy pack up her apartment in preparation to move in with her now fiance and she donated a very big chunk of clothes to goodwill and I took two knit sweaters, one of which became the sweater above. It was hideous and was knit with the yarn held double so I took it apart relatively easily and it’s now a single ply so I think I’ll have more than enough to make myself a sweater. I still have to separate the other two balls but I plan to have plenty to soak.

They haven’t taken a dip yet but I plan on doing that this weekend. I fully expect the yarns to sproing back to become something floofy that I will knit up eventually.

Since then I’ve been working on my clapotis- which is taking forever and I’m still mad at it- and I’ve been knitting…

The size 1 needle green sock. It is taking FOREVER but I’m finally almost up to the heel. I think I actually like these ones. No, I’m not addicted to socks; I can just appreciate them in the heat of this summer. That and they always fit in my purse.


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