I feel I should explain myself for the hypocrisy as of late.

Even though I live in Wisconsin and it’s usually pretty temperate for most of the year, summer seems to hit us extremely hard as of the last few years, what with global warming and all that. This creates quite the conundrum; I can either sweat and be extremely uncomfortable under the heat of a fully woolen wrap (ahem, Clapotis), or I can knit up something simple and lightweight that doesn’t touch my lap as I sit in front of the television doing my knitting.

Thus I decided to knit socks this summer.

The sock knitting began last year when I made the attempt to knit a sock with Louet Gems and size 3 needles. I went out, bought the needles and started working and it seemed easy enough as I went along, only to find that I could feel every purl when I walked on it. Needless to say the sock wallowed on my nightstand, ends not woven in, and it was used as a dustrag and promptly thrown away. I told myself I had knit a sock, realized I didn’t like it, and moved on with my knitting life.

I have no need for knitted socks, but the need for a light piece of knitting that is mindless and vanilla and easy to do during the sweltering summer months seemed to feed my ambition more than my constant need to tell people I don’t knit socks because I find them useless. Why knit something beautiful when it just gets shoved in a pair of boots and sweat in and ruined quicker than commercial socks?

So I talked to the ladies at Knit Night and they told me I should go down a needle size and start again.

So here’s the thing: I go to my LYS in search of pretty yarn and I find it almost all the time. The only problem is this very pretty yarn is always sock yarn. I caved one afternoon when the shop was having a massive sale and bought two skeins of JoJoLand Melody sock yarn in a gorgeous blue/purple gradient colorway and then two sets of size 2 circular needles since I don’t like knitting with DPNs and size 2 needles are small enough as is, so I didn’t want to be sitting around futzing with five needles.

I cast on the socks (after looking on YouTube for how to do Judy’s Magic Cast-On… a godsend, I tell you!) and started knitting the sock from the toe up. Within a few days I was done with the sock and had promptly cast on the second one to avoid Second Sock Syndrome.

I don’t wear socks with cuffs– I’m an ankle sock person to the core so I decided to stop at the ankle and I (accidentally) did the super stretchy bind off the wrong way so the cuff would be inelastic enough to stay up on my foot.

I then went to a massive sale at the LYS this past summer and picked up some ChiaGoo size 1 needles because they were dirt cheap. I decided I’d have a use for them eventually. I also picked up some Berrocco Ultra Fine Alpaca in a moss green tone that required size 1 needles. How convenient! I bought an Addi Turbo Circular size 1 (stupid me, there are two size 1 needles, so one side is smaller than the other… I didn’t seem to care much) and cast on the green socks to use as emergency knitting. The sock wallowed its time away in the backseat of my car and it didn’t get knit on much.

I’m sad to say that the JoJoLand socks still haven’t been finished. They’re sitting on the floor next to the Circular Needle holder I’m knitting which also hasn’t been worked on. Every night I look down and see the little guy crying on the floor, begging to be finished. I know I only have to turn the heel, knit another 15 rows and I’m done, but something about that concept has me ignoring it. The green sock has been getting a lot more attention due to its accessibility. It sits in my purse now because  other projects have gotten too large to carry with me, so I’ve gotten up to the heel in a matter of a couple days when the sock barely had a toe the last time I knit on it. There’s something about that second sock that has me stalled and I can’t quite figure out what it is.

Oh hey, remember the WendyKnits knitalong? Yup, that’s sock yarn and nope it will not become a shawl. I’m planning on ripping it out to try knitting lace another day. I lost all steam with the bugger when I had to rip back four times, put in a lifeline twice and have to salvage what wasn’t ever going to be a pretty shawl. I think I’ll make socks out of them.

One good thing I learned from sock knitting? Sock yarn doesn’t count toward your stash.

I’m sure now that I’ve posted this ditty I’ll go home and immediately finish the second JoJoLand sock. Very strategic of me, eh?


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