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Rationalizing away a madwoman’s needs

Oh hi there. It’s been a while since we last chatted. I’ve been meaning to rectify that…

I can’t rightly tell you about one of the things I’m knitting, because it’s not done. I can tell you that I’m fully intending on buying 7,000 yards of yarn in a few weeks, though!


Oh, ok. I guess I can fill you in.

I’ve gone insane: I’ve decided that my life simply isn’t complete without a 9X7 foot knitted TARDIS blanket to cozy up under. This is so much of a desire of mine that I’m fully rationalizing the fact that I can totally spend 150 dollars on the yarn and needles for this blanket AND I won’t be altering the pattern. It will be a full 9 feet long by 7 feet wide.

Here’s a little bit about me: I’m 5’4″. That means this blanket will be a good 3.5 feet longer than I am tall. Oh and it’ll be a foot and a half wider than I am tall. This blanket would be big enough to fit on a California King bed. I have no words.

The pattern for this blanket was free on Rav. I nearly piddled myself when I saw that it was indeed free and I promptly downloaded the pattern and set to figuring out how to print it without wanting to die of trying to figure out how to read a fully colorworked pattern that would NOT fit on just one page.

The pattern prints out to be 19 pages long. 19!!! That means every single little row will have to include me flipping the page 19 times! Painters tape will be my best friend when it comes to changing to a new row. I’m also anticipating one row to take me forever. ALSO I have to teach myself how to do colorwork while Purling. Trust me when I say that the option of knitting this piece in the round and steeking (cutting the fabric when done)  has not left my mind.

Finally, I’ll be backing it with gray fleece because I have a ton of it and it needs to go to a good home and there’s no way I’m going to want to weave in the billions of ends I’m going to have, so I’ll back it and reinforce it and it will be beauteous.

Now, onto the more important things before starting this mad project:

I have to finish Clapotis.

I’ve been working on the Clap since February and I’m only about 70 percent done. Once I finish the third skein I’ll start decreasing, but I still have about 90 yards left on the third skein and I really don’t want to be knitting the damn thing anymore.

I hate it.


I’m working on many other projects so Clap has gone by the wayside, but I have to finish her by the end of the month before I can start on the TARDIS blanket.

I also have to finish a lap blanket for me that I started around my birthday. I began knitting this blanket because I had three skeins of Cascade Eco + wool that I didn’t know what to do with and I wanted something instant that I could just put on my lap and knit or curl up under because I tend to run cold at night while watching TV. I finished one skein of the wool rather quickly, resulting in 5 squares, in which I realized I wouldn’t be able to finish a blanket because I would be one measly square short. My Carolina Homespun handspun will match the bare color I’m doing as a compliment rather well so I’ve decided to knit a square out of that.

However, I’ve been stalled on the bare skein since getting half-way through one square. I told myself I have to finish the blanket and seam it together and do the applied i-cord edging on it before I’m allowed to start the TARDIS blanket. I figured it would be bad to have two blankets going on at the same time, so I’m not going to. This project is completely mindless so I’m going to just knit while on lunch at work and hopefully it’ll complete itself. And then I’ll put it together and enjoy the crap out of it for as long as I can before moving onto another warm project.

Work has worn me out. I usually don’t get home until dinnertime and I’m usually too tired to either eat dinner or knit so I pretty much lay down and zonk out for most of the night. Then I finally get up and do some knitting but get bored because who wouldn’t get bored with a ton of Garterstitch and that’s it.


2 thoughts on “Rationalizing away a madwoman’s needs

  1. Do you ever knit with a group? If you ever want to meet up at a Starbucks or something and have a mini-knitting session, let me know. 🙂 -susie of the bcw fame.

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