Finally Keeping a Promise

I told you I’d write a knitterly post so here it is!!

The clapotis still isn’t done. The ladies are still picking on me mercilessly.

Instead I decided I’d finish the blanket I was going to finish before starting the TARDIS blanket. 

I knit and knit and then when I took a little break that I knit through, I knit some more. Finally I got to 7.5 squares out of 9.

Then on Monday I packed up and went to Jenny’s for labor day Stitch n Bitch where I finished the 9th square and crochet seamed the pieces together.

I’ll be casting on the edging and knitting away until I run out of the neutral then going to the third skein I have of blue and knitting the rest of the edging so I end up with a 48 inch square blanket.

I also finished the mittens and hat for Erin’s soon-to-be baby.

Here’s the cutest thing about knitting baby clothes.

They fit so conveniently in the little spaces of the car.

I finished the mittens while out shopping with mom on Saturday and cast on the hat while driving home. I finished the hat on Sunday and used the last 2 yards or so on a braid to keep the mittens together.

I just started some mittens with madelinetosh Tosh DK but there isn’t a whole lot of progress on them so pictures are forthwith. I’ve done no other knitting of note so!

And now for your viewing pleasure:

My best purchase from GenCon 2011: A k9 air freshener that sits on the dash in my car.
George in all his 9-month-old glory!
George comes with a matching Louie.

One thought on “Finally Keeping a Promise

  1. Do all cats have “slut poses” or am I going crazy? I think every cat I’ve ever seen has been known to lay on it’s back with their legs spread as wide apart as they can get……I’ve dubbed it the “slut pose.”

    Also, don’t feel bad about not finishing the Clapotis. It takes me forever to finish things, too. I have a baby blanket for Little Man (10 months old) that I haven’t finished and it’s been on the needles for well over a year. I started it when I first found out I was pregnant. *sigh*

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