A-Z of Knitting

R is for:

Ripping:  No not the kind of ripping where you get all Hulk on the thing and rip it in half; this is another word for frogging. To pull out your needles and simply pull on the yarn until it all comes apart. Sometimes these things are inevitable; especially if your knitting attacks. Ripping can be a good thing- it’ll help you learn from your mistakes, make you more cautious when knitting it the second time, or, if you’re anything like me, can make you realize the value of a lifeline.

R is also for:

Raglan: It’s a sleeve type- mostly used for seamless pieces because they have regular increases at the yoke that makes the piece get large enough to fit over the shoulders. Most store-bought sweaters are made in this fashion. When I finish the cobblestone, I’ll let you know how doing a raglan sleeve backward goes… this sounds ominous.


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