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It’s finally Autumn

The weather is absolutely gorgeous outside and, aside from the allergies, I love everything about this season.

I drove home this afternoon from getting coffee with a friend and it all just looked so nice that I slowed to a crawl on the street and took a couple passing-by photos.

The streets are filled with gorgeous trees that are changing colors and making their beauty known.

It makes me so inspired to knit up something reminiscent of the colors of this season; green, red, orange, yellow.

And yet I’m not knitting anything like that.

I finished the Bagheera cowl. I started knitting it with the Cascade Alpaca, finished one skein and went to the handspun, knit up the entire 187 yards I had of it, then finished the second skein of Cascade Alpaca I had. I’m so happy that the color change isn’t noticeable to anyone and it’s so extremely soft and only mildly sheddy.

I’ve worn it many time since I finished it last week and plan to wear it for as long as it’ll hold up for me. I cast on 220 stitches, did an 8-stitch cable with two stitches between and I absolutely adore it. It reminds me of my Big Guy whenever I put it on, especially when I pull it around my head twice to give me a nice and warm cowl.

It’s also wide enough that I can just fold it over and it works perfectly to cut out the chill. I can honestly tell you I have not been so happy with something I’ve knit.

I’ve also started knitting a Tam for those amazing morning when I run out the door with a head full of wet hair because I’m far too lazy and value my sleep far too much in the morning to actually DO my hair. So I’m making another tam. This one is on size 3 needles with the Pigeonroof Studios yarn that I spun for the Tour de Fleece.

I only wish the colors wouldn’t be blown out so much when I shoot the pictures.

And now for your kitten fix:

Louie loves helping me ply some Ashland Bay yarn that hasn’t had the opportunity to get a photo of its beauty- it’s purple and blue over a black base; called Midnight. It’s 350 yards too!


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