Random Tuesday

I am super-duper-extreme-like excited for Army Man’s(yes, I think I can safely give him a nickname… something tells me he’s not going to be just a passing ship in the night) pending return home!

I left my knitting at home. Army Man’s hat is at the bottom of the bag; sorry.

I’m still absolutely tempted to rip  back and start again with 10 less stitches after learning the general size of his head. I’d rather he have negative ease than positive.

I won’t do this because he’s home in a week and I’m not totally dedicated to it right now.

I’m also crocheting a yoga mat bag because I started yoga on Sunday with Sandy from my knit night group and my mat is very thick and unruly and likes to unwravel while in the backseat of my car. Sadly I overworked my hamstrings in the class and now both of them are pulled. I’m still going to a class tonight though. Biofreeze will be my friend.

This bag requires a size N hook and three strands of Ella Rae yarn. This is my version of stashbusting.

My foot totally just fell asleep on me and I’m all stiff from sitting and my hamstrings have tightened up and I can’t get up. I’m in such a quandry.

It’s currently 12:15 which means I’ve frittered away 2.75 hours of work in order to do absolutely nothing.
The thought that I’ll be soon bombarded by work because my reviews like to come out between 4 and 5 p.m. is not totally lost on me.

I finished the Cobblestone Sweater this past weekend. There are a few modifications: I changed the sides so they don’t have a garter panel and I changed the decreases so it’s a scoop neck rather than a crew neck as it’s much more my style of sweater.

I then proceeded to wear it through the rest of my Saturday night and gush about it whenever given the chance ever since. I also have plans to wear it on Casual Friday this week. I adore the warmth this lightweight sweater offers and can’t wait to get lots of compliments on it on Friday.

It’s starting to get colder and I’m really looking for warmer clothes to bundle up in the morning when I make my trek to work. I’ve been donning my Bagheera cowl almost daily and I’ve found that it makes a great accessory while I’m AT work, not just on my way to work.

The kittens seem to not like me all that much anymore– they still meet me at the door when I come home but Louie has taken to snuggling with mom instead of me and they don’t sleep with me at night and they don’t come to wake me up in the morning anymore. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve not been home all that much or if they just don’t like me anymore… Maybe mom is buttering them up and telling them how awful of a mommy I am because I don’t feed them in the morning and I don’t come home in a timely manner… Maybe…

The Fall bucket list has not had any progress. I’ll be going on the two dates next week with Army Man (though I did go on a coffee date with a random, so maybe that counts? I’m not holding my breath). Murphy and I are planning on doing some serious damage to the list by making s’mores, cookies and toffee apples in one day and then finishing it off with a romp in the leaves complete with pictures.

Now that I think I’m a pro at knitting sweaters, I’m going to be designing my own top-down raglan FAIR ISLE sweater that will be a heavily modified design of another sweater. More to come.


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