Delusions of Grandeur

So now that I’ve finished my Cobblestone, a bottom-up raglan sweater, and the Puerperium cardigan, a top-down raglan, I think I’m some masterful knitter or something.


Only I'll be making it in heathered gray, green, blue and red.

Because I’m knitting a completely Fair-Isle sweater.

To give you a frame of reference, here’s the color scheme I’m going with:

Obviously the colors aren't a perfect match because Sharpie doesn't make Heathered colors but... I'll assume you're smart enough to use your imagination!

Now, this idea may not seem like a stupid one in theory but when I printed out the pattern for the Women’s Fair Isle Pullover from Cascade Yarns, I realized that this is knit in pieces which makes the fair isle pattern not only ridiculous, but kind of really hard. Why would I knit these in pieces when the pattern is not going to match up and this also requires purled colorwork. this is not something I’m willing to compete with.

So here I am trying to figure out the perfect way to manipulate this pattern so I can keep track of the length of the repeated fair isle chart as well as allowing for increases on the raglan yoke. I have a few options.

>Say to hell with it and knit a gray (my base color) yoke before starting the fair isle at the chest area.
Why I’m not doing this: It’ll be hideous and I’ll never wear it.

>Add an extra stitch (or a few) of gray around the increases so I can have a very easy flow of the fair isle down the yoke.
Why I might do this: It seems like it would be interesting to add this bit of color and it would also make doing the fair isle much easier. While I’ve got the supplies for this pattern and I’m so ready to knit, I’d need to create the chart for the yoke, which could take a while.

>Attempt to make this pattern perfect by doing the increases in colorwork.
Why this is insane: If I were to attempt this, I’d be very quickly sitting in the corner sobbing softly and chewing on my hair trying to remember when I was good knitter.

I’m not a good person when it comes to doing math which is why the second option seems a lot better to me because it would allow me to fudge the fair isle a bit and it would just look like a simple design flaw.

Until I figure out the logistics of creating my own top-down raglan, I’m going to flounder a bit. I know the neckline stitch count and I know how to do the increases to get to the correct stitch count but I’m still a little nervous. I’m probably overthinking it and it’ll be extremely easy.

In any case, I should probably finish some of my other Works in Progress before starting such an endeavor. I have a pair of madelinetosh mittens that have had just the cuff knit for about three months now. And let’s not forget the Army Man’s hat…

So we’ll be talking about this sweater in about 6 months I think. Nah not really. I’ll start it this weekend!


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