Where I Beg for Help

So Army Man is no more, but I already finished his hat. I do not want to give it to him but instead I want to share the love and send TONS of hats to a platoon of soldiers in Afghanistan who will have to brave through the cold winters in the desert.

Yes, it gets cold in Afghanistan. It’s currently 80 during the day and almost freezing at night. These guys appreciate the time we take to make them things.

So I hopped on Rav last night and blasted my way through about six boards writing almost the same thing: I. NEED. HELP.

AnySoldier.com is a fantastic program where you can pick a soldier and send them a care package for him and the soldiers he/she works above. These men are in charge of their platoon; keeping them alive, living with them daily, working with them on sensitive projects and, most importantly, having compassion for those men and women who may be away from their homes and loved ones for the first Christmas of their lives.

We feel the same way at home. I’ve loved and/or dated a handful of Military men. I waited through a 7 month deployment and got to know another guy recently while he was deployed. It’s tough; and they really appreciate the comforts of home.

I can knit a plain garter or rib-brim stockinette hat on size 6 needles in about 10 hours. An average hat takes me about 100 yards of yarn to create when there’s 100 stitches on the needles. I use Superwash yarn in mid-to-dark green, gray, black or navy blue (most of the guys prefer black or gray).

If I didn’t have to work, I’d be able to crank out a hat a day and be able to send a decent care package of 20-25 hats to Afghanistan in a matter of two-three weeks. As it is, I can only send about 10 so long as i don’t mind losing my sanity temporarily and if I don’t run out of yarn.

The soldier I contacted on anysoldier oversees approximately 65 men and women.

I simply cannot knit that fast.

So I’m blasting the horn right now. I NEED HELP.

Please send me an e-mail at asthrom@gmail.com or pass it along if you’re able to help– also let me know how many hats you’re willing to make and when you can have them done by.

I’m planning on making a trip to Milwaukee for a mass pickup on Sunday the 13th if that works best for everyone, otherwise please e-mail me and I’ll give you my mailing address.

Please note that this is of your own expense and you’re doing this for our troops who can sometimes get pretty lonely out there while they’re being shot at every day. They greatly appreciate our support and help and I know that this platoon of mostly first-time-deployment soldiers will greatly appreciate the support we can give them.

If you’d like, please also include a letter or put a tag on the item so they then know who created it and who they can thank for keeping them warm. Whenever they put on these hats, they’ll know they’re being kept warm by the love and support of a knitter out there.


One thought on “Where I Beg for Help

  1. I wish I could help you out but, sadly, my knitting time is extremely limited with Little Man around. I’ve been working on his baby blanket for about a year and a half and it’s not finished (he’ll be a year old next week and I’m only half-way through the blanket).


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