A Long-Overdue Update

It’s been a good long while since I last wrote something and I don’t have much to report, sadly, but I have been knitting like crazy!
I’ve got 4 hats complete and 4 on the needles right now.

So here’s an update on the Hats for Soldiers brought to you by my Ravelry page for the project.


After a catastrophic ending with Army Man I had the hat finished but decided NOT to give it to him but to get myself a soldier penpal and send him some lovely knits with a bunch of other stuff. Will be knitting up a good amount more hats before the 15th or so and will send it off just in time for Christmas.

Found an AnySoldier who oversees 65 soldiers and I’d love to send as many to him as possible. Have rallied the people and hoping they come through!

10.31.11: 1 of 65.
11.1.11: Cast on second hat last night with Mission Falls. Ripped it out because count was off/gauge was off/I generally hated it. Started size 8 needles and have made it to the stockinette. Hoping to finish this one tomorrow.

11.2.11: Got a message on Rav saying four hats are on their way! SnB girl also offered to knit one! Progress is slow but hoping it’ll pick up soon!

11.7.11: Finished a second hat and I have five on the needles at the moment with the hopes of finishing one a night. Thanks to Podcaster Vicki, a bunch of hats hopefully will be on their way.

11.7.11: Finished the third hat. Another Knit-Nighter signed up for at least one.

I’m also going to clear up the issue of what fiber content to use. While I have a massive amount of Superwash wool and usually only knit the hats out of that, I’m going to authorize the use of 100% Wool. Many programs on here require that you use wool only as it has warming properties and it doesn’t burn to the skin so wool is a good way to go. Many platoons also do not have laundry services so they have to hand-wash their items and the odds of them washing these hats are pretty slim, let’s be honest. I also have some Berrocco Vintage which has some acrylic in it, and I know a couple other hats are being made from this. Since there’s wool mixed in this batch I don’t think it’ll be a problem either.

11.8.11: Got another hat done (brings me to 4) and found out a bunch are in the mail from a lovely reader! Probably won’t have another one done for at least a day. They’re all on smaller needles and they’re too short right now.

11.10.11: Happy Birthday to the US Marine Corps! I received 6 hats from a wonderful woman in Iowa and I’ve not yet finished any further hats. I’ve been working on a shawl to keep me from going nutty over the stockinette. Will pick them up again on Saturday, I’m sure.

11.12.11: Requested the Sergeant First Class’ address today. 10 hats are done and 4 are in progress. Should have approx. 10 coming soon. Kind of bummed that I couldn’t get more for this coming shipment but maybe people will surprise me!

11.14.11: Hoping to receive a few more hats tonight at knit night. I also gave my address to a couple new people who are sending them my way. Started the decreases on a black hat, cast on a dark blue chunky hat. This brings the count of hats I have in my possession to 14!


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