Christmas is Cancelled?

Amanda is unable to come to the blog due to the massive amounts of Holiday-retail hitting her up. She did have a moment to send this reporter some photos of her latest work.

Yes, ladies and gentleman. That’s a shawl. And it’s lace. Minimally lace, but it’s lace.

Our resident knitter drank a red bull at approximately 4:30 on Friday afternoon while at work and found herself wide awake still at 3:30 a.m. knitting furiously without fail until the neckerchief was done. After steam blocking and laying it out to dry, she wore it to a date on Saturday night. The Knitter was not willing to comment on the date at time of publish. We believe it went well but he hasn’t called to follow up, which is unfortunate.

After the digression on the neckerchief, the knitter then picked up four more Hats for Soldiers. No photographic evidence has surfaced, but she spent her Sunday writing thank you cards to accompany each hat and she sends out thank you cards to the knitters around the US thanking them for their contribution. She is hopeful that she’ll receive e-mails from soldiers with their thanks, which she can pass along to the knitters in question.

“Until these hats are done, I’m not knitting for Christmas, and I have quite a bit of knitting to complete for my family,” said our knitter while she furiously stockinetted her way through another hat. Her decreases were coming much more quickly now that her hat reached its end.  “My deadline is December 18 for a family gathering. I’m hoping it’ll work out in my favor.”


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