Today is December 1

That means 19 days until I have to have four presents done for my family.

The cousins already know they’re getting scarves to match their hats from last year. The colors don’t totally match for two of them but I’m thinking it’ll be OK so long as it’s in the general ballpark.

I’m considering making something for my Aunt but I don’t have any more of the orange from which I made her mittens last year and I don’t know if she would rather have a hat or scarf.

I’m also in quite the conundrum because I have approximately 30 hats left to knit and/or collect in the next two weeks. Luckily a few ladies in the “Stand by your Man in Uniform” group on Rav (from when I was with the Marine) have volunteered to knit a couple hats so that’s extremely nice and generous and a bunch of other synonyms for sweet/kind/cool/awesome of them.

I’m thinking this endeavor may have been a bit too much for me to handle. I just hope I can finish out the project and start planning for next year as I’ll want to do the same thing, but start knitting in the spring and keep collecting throughout the year. I’m also considering adding another page on the site header for progress and/or knitter info.

But anyway– back to the 19 days left. We’re meeting on a Sunday. I’m driving myself down there so that means no knitting in the car which means I’ll probably be up until about 3 in the morning every day from now until then splitting my time between hats and scarves praying that I can get done in a decent amount of time, muttering to myself, complaining at how tall my cousins are and vowing that next year I won’t knit for a single soul except for myself.

Maybe I need to use bigger needles with the yarn held double. It’s worked before!

In a further attempt to not jinx it, I will only tell you that the date went well and I enjoyed myself immensely.

On another knitterly note: The Yarn Harlot has decided to do a 25 Days of Knitting Gifts for non-knitters who love knitters. This is a very good resource for any of you who have family that have no idea what to get for you as a knitter. This also is a good resource for any of my friends or family who will be looking for presents for me. You can check out her blog through the month of December for regular updates.

Until next time, happy knitting and may the fiber be with you!


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