This weekend

Started at the post office:

Friday night I spent signing many more cards, packing the hats for Soldiers and their cards in individual sealed baggies before packing them into a box taped shut with silver Duck Tape. The box was a thing of beauty. 34 hats were neatly packaged and ready to go to Afghanistan to keep the heads of soldiers warm. Continuing the effort, I put out a new blast the other day on the blog and more knitters came to my rescue! I should have four more hats coming in the mail in the next few days as well as any others my fellow knitters should come up with.

I got to the post office bright and early because Saturday is a crazy house in my local post office. I spent five minutes circling the room before finding the customs form, couldn’t remember how to properly fill it out because a.) It’s been about 9 months since I last had to fill out a customs form for a package going to Afghanistan and b.) the form is totally defunct and you can’t properly fill it out. I forgot to write the dude’s address ON the box, got insurance and delivery confirmation on the box because my Soldier contact hasn’t been on the AnySoldier site in over 50 days so I wanted to make sure it would get to him and those two options seemed best at the time and finally got the little brown box past the lovely ladies at the post office.

I did knit this weekend. Amazingly enough.

I know, I have hats and scarves and other things to knit but instead…

My feet were cold.

I cast on these socks on Saturday because I didn’t want to knit another hat because I would go insane if I had to knit another godforsaken hat for a lovely Soldier. I was just being driven insane by hats. I couldn’t take it anymore. Those little 16 inch needles were plotting against me due to their overworked nature. I packed them nicely away and hoped they would forgive me in a couple days.

So I grabbed my never-used-before size 4 Addis and cast on a sock out of some superwash Merino handspun. This stuff feels so fantastic in my hands and I couldn’t wait to see how they would feel on my feet.

I ballparked it and made the toe generous so it would fit nicely without stretching too far which seems to be my big problem with socks; I hate the purl bumps when I can feel them stretching under the big feet I own. I figured slipper-sock-esque socks would be best in this instance and I was right.

It took me an inordinantly long time to turn the heel on Saturday night: 1.5 hours or two episodes of Mad Men. I chalked it up to being inexperienced in turning heels and continued my process. It may have also been because I was texting a very cute boy often through the night.

It should also be noted that it was the best-turned heel of my entire knitting career.

I went to bed without a finished sock but promptly finished it and started the second. My tootsies were freezing at this point so I cuddled under a plush with a kitty on my lap and plowed through the second sock while watching the Packers win their 12th game. I continued knitting through all of our Sunday television and I cast off during PanAm last night. I wove in ends and slipped them on my cold little sausage toes and wiggled them around inside their wooly blankets.

I’m going to see about adding puffy paint to the soles because I tend to slip around a bit in hand-knit socks. I should just try learning how to walk in them instead.

Once I was done with the socks I still had the bug to keep knitting but I didn’t want to knit a hat yet. They’re still eluding me.

So I grabbed two pairs of size 2 needles and cast on a kindle cozy out of some Stitches Yarn that looks freakishly Doctor Who.

Note the "Allons-y" someone wrote on a Post-It and placed on the top of my TARDIS USB. It seemed fitting

I adore this colorway and the fact that it’s pooling in the middle and on one side is so charming to me. It’s just a simple stockinette and I have no idea if it’s the right size but I imagine it’ll fit comfortably in there and will allow me to keep my Kindle happy.

This, of course, is before I receive my Kindle Fire from Mom. She’s giving it to me as a Christmas present. How do I know? I was standing next to her as she bought it. I want to be prepared!

I’m going to knit night with the hopes that the hat bug will strike again. If it doesn’t, I guess I’ll have a kindle cozy to speak for my night.


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