And I’m Over It

First off: Thank you for still being a subscriber to the blog after my wonderful meltdown yesterday.

I went home, knit the topper to one mitten after some trial and a lot of error and I’m finally happy with what I have to show for this party. Too bad I only have 3.5 days to finish them.

I balled up the second mittens’ yarn so it’s ready to be knit up but I need to finish the other topper for the first pair before I can have the needles free to start the second pair.

This is getting confusing. So I’m going to try to unconfuse it:

Fingerless Mittens A are 2/3 done: They need one more topper and the ends to be woven in.

Fingerless Mittens B have the yarn balled. Tonight I will start on the cuff of one, hopefully make it through the thumb gusset and possibly finish one.

Fingerless Mittens C are still in skein form. More than likely, these will be in the bag as such with a pair of needles so I can start them at the party.


So once all that is done, I’m going to go buy some hats for the rest of the soldiers. They’re inexpensive at the stores if I just get the regular knit hats and I simply don’t have the time to knit another 20 hats in the next week and a half. I can probably finish off another three or four, but 20? No.

I then need to start on presents for my best friends. M1 is going to get a felted lunch bag because I think it’ll be adorable and she can take it to work with her since she always takes lunch to work with her.

M2 will be getting a scarf. I’m not sure what yarn or what pattern I’ll use. All I know is it will be out of handspun even though I don’t think I have any blue or green. I think she’ll have to get something complimentary to the sea-blue/green Alpaca hat she currently has.

And that’s all I have!


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