Yes and No

Yes: I got knitting done last night.

No: It was not the correct amount of knitting.

Yes: I got to the thumb of a mitten last night.

No: I didn’t finish one mitten and get to the second mitten.

Yes: I’m making the second and third pairs different than the first.

No: I haven’t decided how yet.

Yes: My gauge is getting tighter.

No: My stress level isn’t getting lighter.

Yes: I’m intending on flipping out tonight while knitting frantically on the second half of the first mitten, hopefully getting to the thumb or further on the second mitten and knitting the second topper from the first set.

No: I don’t have a lot of hope of getting this done before I fall asleep tonight.

Yes: I will be knitting mittens on my way to the party tomorrow.

No: I will not finish them by the time we get to the party.

Yes: These mittens will be in the bag with the needles in them.

No: I’m not nervous about how they’ll be received.

Yes: I just lied.


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