Merry Christmas!

Mom is currently about to have a heart attack while watching the Packers game.

I’m writing this on my phone because my kindle doesn’t want to let me write anything other than a header.

I’m also writing this from my brother’s couch in Seattle where I will be until Tuesday.

My brother’s German shepherd, Loki is eating treats next to me and I have the last remnants of my travel knitting next to me.


I packed 6 items: two hats for soldiers to do the crown, one kindle cozy for the last cousin, yarn for another Christmas present and a red scarf for me.

The red scarf was knit the whole flight and on Friday and finished off the yarn Friday afternoon during an exhausting day of football games.


I finished the first kindle cozy yesterday making the blue and cream look like a tube sock.


I knit the crowns of four hats.


I’m now working on a nook cozy for my bestie.


We went yarn shopping yesterday and I got lots of expensive yarns that I need to find a use for before our flight home.

I miss my kittens terribly. I’ve only been gone for a couple days but I miss their snuggles and purrs and even George’s incessant meows. Only a couple more days and I’ll be home to give them lots of snuggles!

Until then I’ll be on the couch knitting and eating chocolate cheesecake.

Merry Christmas to you all! Thank you for continuing to return to the blog and listen to my rants. I’ll be back in a couple days!


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