Lots of Boxes

I haven’t really been doing much knitting and I just realized I left my knitting at home today.

I haven’t been knitting because I’ve been MOVING!

I have my packing priorities straight

It all started on Friday afternoon when we brought up lots of boxes and started filling them with stuff I wouldn’t need for the next week. This includes:

4 boxes of DVDs. I don’t know how it got this bad
2 boxes of books, 1 box of cooking books, 1 box of pattern books, 1 box of knitting magazines, 1 box of books to go to half-priced books. And yes, there’s a full bookshelf still at home with books that won’t be making the trek to my new home.
3 boxes of personal care items. How did I acquire so many bottles of perfume?
6 bins of yarn and one three-shelved storage thingy of fiber. The threat of moths at the new place has been eradicated, even if there aren’t moths.
1 giant box of shoes with the cute storage thing that Mom got me for Christmas.
2 full sets of dishes
2 boxes of glasses
1 box of mugs
2 boxes of pantry items
1 lamp
and 1 bag of refrigerator magnets.

Mom and I packed everything into both our cars and made our way to Milwaukee and unpacked my belongings. It didn’t take long but we were both tired and out of breath by the time the last box and my spinning wheel entered the house. I moved boxes to their appropriate rooms, unpacked and started really falling in love with the space.

I’ll be moving all the heavier stuff next weekend with the help of a couple friend and UHaul, and I’ll be all moved in very soon! More knitting news soon to come.


2 thoughts on “Lots of Boxes

  1. I need to go through things like I’m moving…even though we’re nowhere near close to moving. It might make some of it easier…or not.

    Moving isn’t fun, especially if it’s to Milwaukee…I hate driving in Milwaukee. Just sayin’….

    1. Haha yeah driving can be tricky but we’re in a pretty good area. The parking shouldn’t be a problem during the week and the weekend, I’ll just have to make sure I don’t move my car all that much! My yarn fits beautifully in a little nitche in my room though, so the house is totally worth it at that point! 😀

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