I know, I know

I should be posting more often and I will as soon as Monday rolls around and I have Internet again. Until then I had to trudge through the snow to make it here.

BUT! I didn’t have that bad of a walk because I was wearing WOOL SOCKS. That’s right. I was wearing my blue and purple knit socks that fit very snugly and keep my tootsies warm. I’d take a picture but they’re stuffed into my Aqua Stop Duck Shoes so I can keep my tootsies dry on top of warm. I have to go back to my place, shovel a bit more and then I’m free as a bird for the rest of my night. This will include a delicious rigatoni and sausage dinner, hot chocolate and a very aggressive bout of Startitis.

We’re talking 10 projects will be sitting on my needles by the end of the night.

Starting with some nesting bowls for my bestie, A scarf for my other bestie, a scarf for me, a hat for me, some coasters for the living room and a bunch of other things I haven’t yet decided on.

The yarn… it calls to me!

By the by! I started another blog so chances are you can find me there most days. 

Until next time, the weather is cold, the snow is falling, my feet are warm and I hope you all have a wonderful night!


One thought on “I know, I know

  1. Your link is broken…….just sayin’.

    Oh, and have I mentioned that I really hate snow. Snow can go DIAF (die in a fire)……or maybe it’s because I don’t have boots that fit.

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