Not quite 10

Last night I spent at Brewed, the hipster coffee shop right around the corner from me. This is, of course, after I shoveled my way out of my house, bundled up in the woolens and made my way.

I blogged, wrote e-mails and then blogged again until my pint of mint-cocoa was gone and my belly was aching for some real food.

The porch and sidewalk were already laced with a good amount of snow but I left it until after I had sustained myself.

I should have taken a picture but the lighting in my room is poor at night and a flash would have made the plastic bins of my knitting stash look crazy but let’s give you a bit of a visual. My knitting stash is in 32-qt. boxes which stack upon each other. On the base of this pile is a black drawer storage compartment which holds all of my fiber. It has all been pushed and stacked in the corner of my room next to my giant wardrobe. This three-drawer case and the 6 totes total about 10 feet high of yarn.The bins are full to capacity.

That’s a lot of yarn.

Last night I took three totes and spilled them onto my bed. I had my list of knitting projects needed and I found the yarn necessary, matched them with needles and set them along my bed for casting on. After 20 minutes of running to the kitchen to stir my dinner and checking things off my list, I would up with this:

Starting on the Left:

Koolaid dyed purple Merino knitpicks yarn to make a coffee cozy. I can’t seem to keep a hold of my old blue one and I think this bright variegated coloring will work perfectly around a pint of coffee whenever I feel like grabbing one.

Marine-blue Cascade yarn that will become felted coasters. I cast on 30 stitches, knitting garterstitch on size 10 needles. I’m sure the new washing machine will adore me.

One skein Wine-purple-red and vibrant blue Dream in Color Smooshy which I intend to make a Mara Shawl with. I’ve already cast on with size 6…maybe… needles and it’s looking pretty great so far!

One skein OnLine SuperSocke yarn and size 2 needles. They should make a delicious pair of socks to keep my tootsies warm through the winter. I know… socks… but they’re going to replace my blue and purple ones which are knit a bit too loosely so while they work, I’m sure these will work better.

Finally, some Ella Rae yarn to create felted nesting bowls for M’s Christmas present. I’m sure one day we’ll get together and she’ll get them.

Also on the needles:

The red scarf that has had 200 yards on it is still in the works.

The orange hat is about half-done. About an inch more and I’ll be able to start decreasing.

And actually that’s all the WIPs I have… Weird.

Hope everyone is faring the weather well enough! My windshield wipers are up and I’m ready to get home to a big cup of hot cocoa and some good knitting!


2 thoughts on “Not quite 10

  1. I’m no expert….but I’m pretty sure the point of superwash wool is that it is machine washable and won’t felt. If it was regular Cascade 220, then it would be fine but I’m 99.99% sure that superwash wool will not felt, no matter how hard you try.

    Your list is something akin to mine except I haven’t matched yarn with all the projects (yet). We’ll see if I get that far.

    1. Oh gawd. did I put superwash? Der. It’s obviously regular Cascade 220 wool. I’m just so used to using superwash, I guess!

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