I’m Dying

Has this been a title of one of my past blogs before?

Yesterday started gloriously: With my lack of voice. It took an hour and a glass of hot water to get it to the point where I could call work and tell them I was deathly ill and wouldn’t be able to come to work.

We got cable and Internet! YAY! Much sickly rejoicing was had while Carlos, the cable dude ran around our house trying to find a good place to drill a hole while missing the duct. I wheezed from the couch while the roomie and her sister tried to avoid my germs.

A friend brought me Cheddar & Broccoli soup from Panera and I devoured it while savoring the hot liquid at the back of my throat. He was so gracious as to give me some of his body heat while I shivered from fevers under the 6 blankets on my bed.

I ran out of Orange Juice, milk, NyQuil, Alka-Seltzer cold medicine and a plethora of other things while hunkering down in the house.

I knit about half a sock. I shall turn the heel today.

I vowed I needed to come into work today. This vow was a total mistake and should never have been made.

I woke up, late of course and looked out the window to a lovely sheet of white snow all over my porch and the street in front of me.

Son of a bee-sting!

I dressed, made tea, packed the DayQuil and a shot glass. looked like I was ready for the apocalypse but I ventured out into the cold, windy, and horizontal snowing street to unearth my car from the pile of wet and thick snow that had decided to become superglued to my car.

I’m wearing wool socks today under my newly winter-ized boots.

Remember when I didn’t knit socks? What on earth was I thinking?

An hour and a half later, wet, frozen and freezing, I finally made it to work. I felt like dying already. I walked through the parking lot only to get snow IN MY EAR, my eyes were tearing thanks to the wind and I couldn’t look up to see the shuttle coming to get me. Luckily he stopped for me otherwise I’d have had to walk even further in the cold snow and want to feel even more like dying.

I took a shot of DayQuil, it did nothing for me. I ate some Tortilla Chicken soup and it cleared the sinuses for about 20 minutes. Now I’m back to feeling like I need to sneeze constantly, wishing for my last review so I can go grocery shopping and go home to bed.

I guess that’s all the knitting I have to show for my weekend. A half a sock. These guys are actually going to be real-sized socks too! My boots go mid-calf and I want to be able to wear them with jeans and these socks. Should be an interesting venture and a lot of purling. Oy.


One thought on “I’m Dying

  1. I know your pain, sister!

    I was supposed to take Little Man to the ENT this afternoon but with the snow being stupid and my back being angry, I called and rescheduled the appointment (first open day was February 20th). ::sigh::

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