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Since the Last Time we Talked

It’s been a crazy week and weekend so I’m sorry for not posting regularly. I also haven’t been doing much of the knitting thanks to my hectic life, but I finally carved out some time last night to make this:

My slouchy hat from MadelineTosh on size 6 needles. It could have been a little bigger but it offers enough space to cover my ears while I’m keeping my wet hair warm.

So to start with the beginning of my weekend:

Friday I went to work and had a long day of stressfulness where I finally got out after receiving a few hours of overtime. Sadly they were at the expense of my sanity. I came home and showered and bummed around for a while, flirting via text message with an awfully cute boy.

Saturday I went home to do laundry, pick up my coffee table and generally bum around with my kittens; whom I missed tons.

Louie Bug is lost in thought, looking oh-so-cuddleable
Basking in the sun with his fuzzy self!

I finished my laundry and got out of there before mom was home from her patient. I left her a note and headed home.

The party started at approximately 6 for me; or as soon as I got home with the many bottles of booze, opened one and poured myself a SOLO cup of skinnygirl margarita: low on calories, high on tequila.

My bestie, Marie, came.

I fell at least once:

But it’s OK, my floor welcomed me and I was laughing too damn hard to care.

And the rest of the night is history; only to be repeated in the annals of Dating in the Milwaukee Moonlight.

Sunday I bummed around to try to keep the room from spinning. I had greasy cheese curds someone left behind, classic coke someone left behind and had to clean the house after a bomb appeared to have gone off. It was a fun night to say the least.

I finished the hat late on Sunday night.


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