Long Time…

It’s been 12 days! I’m so sorry! It’s been a crazy February. I know that’s my excuse a lot.

I haven’t really been doing a whole lot of knitting, but since we last saw each other, I’ve knit a hat for an adorable 1 year-old Ellie. I knit it in four hours as well because I couldn’t figure out what to knit and/or get her for her birthday so I started it at about 10 p.m. on Friday night and finished it on the hour-drive to Illinois.

I adore the stripes and it looks a bit like she has a target on her head. Katie also loves how they match her mittens. I had her try the hat on Ellie and she immediately got frosting from her smash cake all over it. At least it’s machine washable!

Earlier in the week I balled up a bunch of yarn and started working on a tam out of MadelineTosh 80/10/10 Wool/Cashmere/Nylon in a gorgeous green colorway called Tannenbaum. I brought it to knit night this past monday and knit for a few hours only to find that my fingers were turning green. I’ve never had this happen with Madeline but I’m sure a good soak will allow the excess color to escape.

The orange tam was a bit too short so it looks great when my hair is down but my ears peek out when I have a bun up. I still have a skein and a half to make another if I really want to but until then it’s marinating on the nightstand waiting to tell me what it wants to become.

I got a couple gift cards for Joann Fabrics from my cousin and a girl I work with for Christmas. Since I put myself on a yarn diet, I figured it’ll only apply to yarn, so I went online and ordered a bunch of ChiaGoo needles. They finally showed up and I eagerly ripped into the packages. They’re all happily resting in my circular needle holder letting the cables relax.

It finally snowed the other day in Wisconsin and I got to experience the fat flakes falling from the sky onto my knits. They weren’t quite perfect snowflakes but they were all bunched together and they looked adorable, like little Fortress of Solitudes. ***NERDALERT***

It was great getting to experience them. Then I rolled my ankle going from the car to the house later in the afternoon. That’s what I get for trying to run. In the snow. In heels.

Friday night I speed dated with nerds. Saturday I spent shopping, buying knits. If some of them had been cheaper I would have bought them just to take them apart to make something prettier out of them. Today I’m keeping warm in bed knitting the MadTosh tam. Tonight is my best friend’s birthday party. I have a nook cozy and a scarf for her Christmas and Birthday presents. I’ve run out of things to knit her so I guess she’s getting a sweater at some point…

I need my swift. There’s a red scarf that needs to be finished and I need to get the skeins balled up but they’re so large that I worry about ruining them. I am the queen of knots, after all.

I’m going to make a concerted effort to post more often; it’s always my resolution to post more often but we all know how that ends. The stashbusting endeavor is continuing so I’ll try to update more often; especially since there’s a yarn diet until two bins are gone, and they’re all still full. This is going to be a long drought.


One thought on “Long Time…

  1. Ellie just LOOOVES the hat! I washed it and it fits her perfectly. She likes to pull on the top and yank it off, but she looks so darn cute wearing it!

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