One Month

Monday marks one month since the last time I seriously knit anything.

I’m so exhausted and burned out by work and life that I really don’t care.

I knew this day would come one of these years.

The weather is gorgeous lately and I’m so overworked right now that I can’t manage to find time to knit, or write about knitting, or write about anything really. Milwaukee Moonlight has faded too.

I’m overworked, underpaid and completely stressed out at work so I find myself so exhausted that I get home late, make dinner and crash and start the process over. I basically go to work, work, go to BFs or Home, sleep, lather rinse repeat. It’s saddening. What’s worse is I think I’m getting a cold and it only gets worse from here.

I think about knitting daily. Literally. Every day I think about knitting when I open my purse to find two skeins of gorgeous possum fur yarn from New Zealand that my lovely friend Anthony sent me while he’s living there this year. In exchange I sent him coffee. I can’t get a proper picture because I’m not outside in the sunlight to get a proper picture and flash doesn’t give it nearly enough justice as to the variegated blues in this skein of sock yarn but they will eventually become something I can lovingly wrap around my neck. Until then they sit in the project bag with a size 4 Chia Goo Circular Needle.

I thought about spinning today but sushi with Murphy and dinner plans with BF stopped me from hunkering down. One day the bobbin of beautiful green will get spun up.

I’m also applying to as many jobs as I can find. Hopefully one will bite soon so I can have some downtime to sit down in front of the TV with a cup of cocoa and my needles and my imagination and make some beautiful. One day.

I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing more often. I didn’t realize how long it had been until I looked at my Ravelry page and saw the proof. I guess this funk won’t be over until I get some more time on my hands, AKA get a new job. Insert tired laugh here.

OK time to get up and put on my big girl pants and stop complaining about my pretty great life. the beautiful gray weather outside calls me to drive out of town. Have a good weekend all. Happy knitting to those of you not in a funk!


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