I’m Finally Knitting


First off, let me say, I’m writing this on IE8. Tragic, I tell you. It should be done away with.

Second: I am finally taking a few minutes to not freak out anymore at work. I cried at work yesterday, drank with Boyfriend and finally resigned myself to failure at being able to properly do my job, so I’m going to say ‘to hell with it’ and do what I have to do and stress out later– like when I get a new job.

After I posted the other day about not knitting in two weeks, I rooted through the stash. This was spurred partly after my cousin asked me to teach her to crochet on Friday so she could make a square for a blanket for one of the women she works with. I did my best with the crappy acrylic she was given but it kept splitting. I showed her the stash, to which she said ‘yeah, you’re a little obsessed’ and I started going through the buckets. I offered up some cascade 220 Superwash, which she vehemently declined. I offered her Merino/silk handspun in a gorgeous purple, which she further declined.

It was when I had my hands deep in the soft fibers, that I realized how much I missed my knitting.

I set to packing my next days’ clothes for my overnight with Boyfriend and I grabbed a skein of handspun that I bought many moons ago, spun immediately and put it in the stash to wallow there for a while. I had forgotten about its subtle variations of browns and purples, how they mixed together and how relaxed the skein was when I held it in my hands. It flopped around like a happy little skein and it begged to be made into some sort of accessory.

So the skein went into the bag along with a size 7 Chia Goo circular needle.

That night, I balled up what seemed like 500 yards of fiber and cast on for a dice bag. Boyfriend wants to make me a character for DnD, (NERDALERT) and I’m going to want a nice bag to carry all my soon-to-be-purchased gorgeous dice.

It wasn’t long before I had an inch knit and I realized I kind of wanted the bag to be a bit bigger. Rather than ripping it out, I decided to convert it to a Magic card bag. The latest cards I purchased make it impossible to easily carry my cards without there being a bit of a mess so a bag is needed. Further NERDALERT.

This yarn is so sticky and wonderful and the colors change like a Zauberball. I sat at Starbucks on Sunday happily knitting away, reading and people watching. It was relaxing and comforting and I finally felt at peace with my life.

It was a small accomplishment, and I’ve only gotten mildly far on it, but I’m knitting. And that’s progress.


One thought on “I’m Finally Knitting

  1. oh I must jump in here! I did not vehemently declined – I just could not take your yarn because I know what it means to you. And quite honestly, you saw my lack of crocheting *and Knitting* skills. I knew it would be better suited with you 🙂 Truly what would I possibly do with the yarn? other than look at it and think “If only…”

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