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Falling on Rough Times

So last night Boyfriend had his arm around me on the couch. I went through half a box of tissues and babbled semi-incoherently about how  I’m a failure and can’t make my life work and why can’t things go right for once this year?

It was rough to experience, let alone talk about. Boyfriend consoled me and helped me out with budgeting and such and, yeah it looks pretty bleak now, but maybe it can be better soon. We went to dinner and I finally started laughing, especially when we rented The Avengers, cuddled up on the couch and watched The Hulk beat up Loki.

It’s tough not having a full-time job and it’s finally taking its toll, on my checking account as well as my ability to not want to have a panic attack every time I have to pay a bill.

So I was working at Cream City yesterday and the girls suggested I start selling my patterns. I have the Stupid Easy Mittens and Amy Pond’s Pandorica Opens already on there, but they’re free. I looked up the store and noticed that almost 1000 downloads of the mittens and 850 of the scarf have been made, making it…kind of worth it to charge for them. A small nominal fee would be helpful to me so I could actually have some money to work with, even if it’s a dollar at a time. I feel terrible that I have to change it, but it’s rough out there.

I also wrote two new patterns and I’m working on creating a bit of a store. The Bagheera cowl, which I was wearing yesterday and was the inspiration for this endeavor, and the basic Tam, which I could knit in my sleep and people really love.

I just hope it gets somewhere. Personally, I hate buying patterns, so I don’t expect it to get very far but maybe there are some people out there willing to buy a quality pattern for 3 bucks. Do you know of anyone?


2 thoughts on “Falling on Rough Times

  1. I buy patterns if I think they’re worth it. I’ve been working on patterns myself and I think a couple of them might be worth shelling out money for. But, we’ll see 🙂

    1. Thanks, Renee! I figure if the pattern hasn’t had any issues with it and I’ve knit it a ton of times with no problems then there shouldn’t be any errata and, the numbers speak for themselves. It just makes sense at this point to start doing it.

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