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Randomly on a Wednesday

1. It’s been a really long time since I last blogged.

2. I’m really sorry about that.

3. I’ve been knitting like a crazy person, though!

4. First there was a baby layette.

5. I started with the mittens about a month or two ago, finished them quickly and moved onto the hat which didn’t get finished for a month.

6. The Puerperium Cardigan was finished more than a year ago for Baby Drake, who was 10.5 pounds and wasn’t ever going to fit into it, so I kept it for the next baby.

7. Baby Sullivan is currently being born. This is lucky because I finished her baby blanket on Saturday before going to the gym to present it to her papa, my coach.

8. He and wife Amy were extremely grateful and I’m trusting the Yarn Harlot’s view that a baby blanket is truly what clinches the baby-being-borned-thing. I’m currently anxiously checking Facebook for an update from Tyler saying the baby is here.

9. I’m also working on a sample for work. It’s a fair isle hat with Bucky Badger (UW-Madison’s mascot) in fair isle. It’s a pain. I don’t like doing fair isle with purls and this piece is knit flat. It’s a hat, for craps sake. Make it in the round and let’s have a nice and happy life? In any case, the fair isle part is about half done and I have until Saturday afternoon to finish it. I think it’s doable, even if I’m going to be crazy busy until then.

10. I have a job! Like a real job! I’m still a temp but I’m a copywriter at BonTon Corp again. Currently I have access to the computer, which lets me onto the Internet. I don’t have anything else. This really bums me out.

11. I’m on a Mac at my new job! Life is good. Not just that I’m on a Mac, but that I get a nice Mac Keyboard… but my mighty mouse is broken.

12. I put in a request for a new one and they sent me an e-mail… after I told them my e-mail isn’t working either… Fantastic. Work in progress, I tell ya.

13. This morning I entered and left my apartment three times. No joke. First time: Leaving with Boyfriend. Kissy kissy love you goodbye’s said. My neck was cold and I couldn’t find a scarf– leaving number 2: I have a scarf. I open the drivers door to realize I don’t have my ID for work. Back upstairs. Leaving number 3: ID wasn’t where I put it last night and I remembered Boyfriend looking at/playing with it last night. He must have put it in my purse. I called him and frantically searched through purse and found it in there when he picked up. “I never moved your ID… I put it back where it was” well then that ghost in my 9-month-old apartment must have done it. Got on the road 15 minutes late but traffic was on my side and I made it to work JUST in time.

14. I’m quite proud of my badge: Upon coming back to BonTon, they asked me if I wanted to keep my badge picture from last time. I looked at the picture and said, “yeah, no that was 40 pounds ago.” and re-took the picture.

15. I would love to upload pictures of my projects but Google+ currently refuses to load on my browser right now.

16. My Chevry shawl is currently about half done. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to knit with it and it’s getting pretty long (32 inches to be precise) so I’m losing steam on all the garter stitch and purling… I’m thinking it’ll be a great project to finish once I get some other things done.

17. It’s looking really pretty, though. I’m loving the color compliments as it’s not really being done in this deep of a contrast for other projects– most people did a grey with another color, Mine is blue/green and orange/pink/violet… Pretty awesome in my mind. It’s the interesting combinations that turned me onto it.

18. I currently have ONE hat to send to soldiers again this year… I’m really bummed that I didn’t get more on an outpouring from knitters, but I guess everyone else has things to deal with on their own… I don’t even have time to knit hats and I’m the one who came up with the idea. Mom has two hats to knit to the crown but hasn’t had time either. If I don’t start getting hats soon, I might have to either postpone the shipment until I can knit them or wait until next year and knit a hat a month so I can have a few built up.

19. I have socks on the needles.

20. I’m not kidding. They’re madelinetosh ToshSock in Lapis that I bought/traded off Jenny and I actually went down to an itty bitty size 1 needle. I haven’t been knitting much on it as socks aren’t really all that needed for me, but it’s sock yarn and I don’t feel like knitting another shawl so I’m knitting socks. I’ve got the toe done of one and I’m hoping to make them relatively long. I just need to buy longer needles– Oh knitpicks!

21. I don’t think I ever talked about them or took pictures of them but Anthony send me some Possum yarn from New Zealand and I started knitting some fingerless mitts out of them and now I need them to be finished and I only have one done. Time to cast on!

22. I’m not doing any Christmas knitting this year. NONE!. I’m only doing one project for a family member and they will more than likely appreciate it, but every other stitch of knitting is either for me, the sample for the store or for Soldiers overseas. I am tired of putting so much work into these projects and getting no gratification out of it, so I’m taking a break from giving up my yarn to those who don’t want it.

23. Seriously, Google+?

24. Upon trying a different browser, Google + is blocked at work. Will upload pictures once I get home… Sorry all. Guess you’ll just have to use your imaginations.


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