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Day Glow Cowl

How cool is this baby??

So retina searing

Mind the crappy hair in the shot. It’s still wet from this morning.

I’m totally in love with this cowl and not just because it burns my eyes when I look at it. It’s knit from a skein and a half of Cascade 128 Superwash and one skein of madelinetosh Merino Light held double. I let the merino light do the walking, deciding when it wanted to come to the front of the knitting and when it wanted to hide out in the back, which makes it look a lot like tweed.

Anyway– I knit this thing three times. The first time I cast on 90 stitches but found it was far too large and wouldn’t do anything to keep me warm. So I ripped the whole thing back and started with 70 stitches but found that the same thing happened, when I was only a few inches through it. So I ripped it out and cast on 60 stitches, thinking it would start to choke me if I went too far down in stitch count. It was worrying me that my gauge was so big. Doesn’t usually work that way. But whatever. It worked out for the best.

The pattern is available on Ravelry and it costs $1.99. I’ve already heard that it’s pretty awesome. Kate says it makes her happy.

I’m going to be starting another with cream and SteamAge which is a purple, blue, pink and grey combo. It’ll be more muted and less retina-searing, but it’ll be awesome nonetheless and I’m stoked. Yes, I said stoked.

Off to knit!


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