A Year of Many Christmases

I think the count is up to 5? Maybe 6? I can’t even keep track anymore.

Christmas is always interesting for me and Mom when we decide to go to Seattle to visit Brother-man. We usually have Christmas a few days before we leave town, so we don’t have to fuss with carrying a vacuum across the country and back… you know. Details. We’d have Christmas dinner at Brother’s and do an exchange of small things on Christmas day or Christmas eve, depending on if we wanted to wake up early or not. Usually it’s Christmas eve.  Once Mom and I got back into town, we’d go to a Christmas for my cousins and Aunt & Uncle. Eventually by the end of the year, I’d have met up with Caitlin and Marie for our annual bestiefest with dinner and gift exchange. This was hectic and included a lot of knitting on my part.

This year is a completely different ball of wax: We’re including Boyfriend into the mix. And I’m knitting virtually nothing for other people. ONE HAT is going to someone else and that’s it! I am happily knitting for myself and I really don’t care if anyone wanted anything. Until people really appreciate my knitting, it’s going to be for me and no one else.

Alright mini-rant over.

So this Christmas is starting about a week early: We’re doing Bestie Fest on the 17th. Mom, Boyfriend and I are doing Christmas on the 18th with a dinner. Christmas with Brother on the 25th. Then, once we’re home, Boyfriend and I will be having dinner with his parents. Sunday is the big family dinner with Boyfriend’s siblings and such. Another dinner is a few days later on the 1st. No sign of my cousins/Aunt & Uncle, but I’m sure they’ve got something planned that I’ll be working for anyway since I’ve got every weekend scheduled except for when I’m out of town.

So that’s 6 Christmases right there. I’ll be knitting my Chevry shawl through this month in the hopes that it’ll be done by Christmas for myself.

There are currently stockings in the works at my apartment, as well as a MadTosh hat, mittens, two Day Glow cowls, and the Chevry. The stockings take precedence as they’re kind of due in 7 days for St. Nick, but if I can get one done by then, I’ll view it as a win. The Christmas tree is supposedly going to be done tonight after I WOD. I just have to get through this day in one piece.


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