Emotionally Over It

I finished the first stocking and was very exceptionally proud of myself.

Apparently neither boyfriend nor I can keep our toes out of the image. And the lighting at Boyfriends’ does not lend to taking photos of knitwear. Know that it is cherry red and dark grey. Really pretty, if not a little masculine. I think a couple snowflake buttons will ‘girly’ it up.

I spent a good amount of time looking at it and petting it and admiring it until I realized I needed to knit a second one.

So on Saturday I cast on the second stocking and got through to the Green foot part before the end of my shift at Cream City.

I even threw a fit with Boyfriend when it looked too boyish, that both stockings looked like boy stockings.

It’s at about this point where I started losing steam with the whole stocking thing. I was loving the Quatro yarn and I enjoyed the knitting aspect of things but I was just BORED with the fact that I was making another stocking for my apartment and I wasn’t knitting something else. I began imagining what else I could knit from my stash, thinking about the piles and piles of yarn I had available to me so why was I being so monogamous with this idea? I should have four projects in my purse, not just this one giant sock!

Sunday was spent bitching about the stocking, how I didn’t want to be knitting it, but I only had that one thing in my purse. I slowly churned away at it and finished half a skein of green before thinking I was coming up to the end of the foot. I stopped and ignored it until the end of my shift and I headed home to meet Boyfriend before driving up to Neenah to visit his little sister for dinner. I knew I couldn’t stand to knit the stocking any further and I wanted to knit a cowl for an event this weekend. I knew I had two skeins of Berocco Chunky that I could make into a seed-stitch cowl. I rushed around the apartment, grabbing a knitpicks interchangeable needle and a skein of the yarn before running out the door.

I cast on 131 stitches but realized it was going to be too small, so I upped it to 151 and started the K1P1 pattern. I worried that I’d be creating a rib but was pleasantly surprised that this was becoming a rather thin seed stitch pattern.

I got through about 6 rows before getting to Neenah so I stuffed it in my purse and headed up. After dinner I pulled it back out and knit for the entire game last night, among all the screams at the TV and playing with the cat. I finished most of the skein and was very surprised at myself and my speed in doing this project. Either I’m highly motivated or I just was knitting at the speed of light.

Sorry for the crappy lighting. “Cavernous” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

It’s rather thin, so I’m hoping wrapping it around my neck twice will help keep out the chill while still looking chic. I’m also completely charmed with the speed at which I can knit one of these, so I might have to do some more stash busting with some more colorful  yarns and make something up with this.

I also grabbed the blue socks I’ve been knitting but I’m pretty sure they’ll never be done. I need different needles as the clover needles are too small for me to properly get a handle on. I’ll be buying some KnitPicks needles when I finally have money again. And I just don’t really like knitting socks, I don’t know what it is. They’re nowhere near instant enough for me, especially when I’m knitting on size 1 needles.

I still have the Christmas Present hat to knit, but I probably won’t be working on it until the last second.

I’m desperate to keep knitting my Chevry. I want it done so badly I can taste it. However, other things just keep getting in the way and I won’t be able to work on it until Christmas Day.

Until I can calm myself and my desires for other knitting, I will keep knitting and purling on this cowl. Saturday is quickly approaching, after all!


2 thoughts on “Emotionally Over It

  1. Have you tried two long circular needles for sock knitting? It functions like magic loop except you have two long circulars. Just a thought. I’ve been doing that with my socks and I like it much better than DPNs (though DPNs have a special place in my heart now that I know how to use them correctly).

    Also, Startitis is commonly found to afflict those that are knitting boring things that they no longer want to knit. Just sayin’.

    1. Oh yeah I do all of my socks with two circs. I get ladders a lot when I knit small things with magic loop and it’s a more tedious process with magic loop so I do two circs. I guess I’m just not a sock knitter.

      Oh it’s not that I have startitis with the stockings, I just am no longer charmed by the whole ‘giant-sock’ thing anymore. It’ll get done because I need it to be done, but it’ll just take a bit more time, especially since I’m much more interested in this cowl. Call me ‘harlotty’ but if it works for The Yarn Harlot, I think it’ll be OK for me.

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