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The Mittens Don’t Match

So it’s been pretty ridiculously crazy lately at work and with the holiday so I’m happy to be back to normal this week. Here’s a few random things for you to enjoy today.

Chevry was finished on December 30, blocked on the 31st and worn to the Boyfriends’ family Christmas on the First. It was admired by many, stolen by his Aunt Heidi and I grew even more in love with it as it kept me nice and warm for the next few days at work. It has had many photographs taken of it but none that are worth showing to anyone as the colors suck and didn’t show up in my little apartment that apparently doesn’t get enough light when the sunlight is covered in frozen ice/snow.

I won tickets to the first Playoff Game of the season at Lambeau Field through work last Friday. Boyfriend and I drove to Green Bay and enjoyed the game along with 71,000 other people. We gave the Minnesota Vikings a sound butt-kicking and it was a great night with Boyfriend, his sister and brother in-law.

I needed mittens and a hat for the game so I bought three skeins of Rowan Drift while at work on Saturday with the sole purpose of knitting a pair of mittens and a hat by the 7 p.m. game. Then work got crazy and I finished only one mitten by 4 p.m.. I knit like a crazy person and wound up with two differently sized mittens when all was said and done. They kept me plenty warm so I didn’t mind that they were two sizes, but I ripped them out when getting to work on Sunday. They’re now still in the ball and one mitten has a cuff. I have other priorities to get to. Boyfriend was the only one who had any cold-ness as his shoes, made of mesh on the top, let in too much cold so he had some hotties in his shoes. I was fine in similar shoes because I was wearing knit socks. Because I’m clever.

I’m knitting socks. I’m almost done with one (just the heel to do) and will be starting the second promptly to avoid second sock syndrome. I’m trying not to draw too much attention to them as they’re an anomaly for me to be knitting. My toes have been exceptionally cold lately with this cold snap and the fact that I keep my apartment cold so I want some socks to bum around in. They’re knit with MadelineTosh Tosh Sock in the color Lapis. They’re beautiful and I almost am sad that I decided to knit socks with them.

I have the yarn to knit Boyfriend a hat in a month. He needs socks, too. Especially if he’s going to the Boundary Waters in the spring and it’s going to be awfully cold. His boot socks did nothing for him at the game, so I think knit socks will suit much better.

Boyfriend is currently plagued with that stupid cold that everyone and their brother has. He’s stuffy and feeling generally crappy though still upwardly mobile so I’ll be shoving mug after mug of tea and soup at him whenever he comes over.

I guess that’s it from me this week… I’m so dull. I’ve been working like crazy, going to CrossFit, knitting when I have a spare moment and then working some more. I guess one of these days you’ll get a proper post out of me.


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