Randomly on a...

Another Year Older

Probably not a whole lot wiser.

My birthday is tomorrow and I don’t really feel like celebrating. My year has been terribly unsuccessful in many parts of my life, though I do have some highlights.

I fell in love. 

Without Boyfriend I don’t think I’d be here in such a sane way right now. He is my rock, my one, my everyday smile and my hero. He makes everything better and I don’t want to know what life is like without him.

I found CrossFit and Paleo. 

I’d still be that fat girl who hated her body if I hadn’t. 50 pounds, three pant and dress sizes down and I’m wearing a freakin’ bikini this summer. Seriously.

I left a toxic friendship for an amazing apartment I pay way too much for.

When roomie decided it was time to kick me out in favor of her cousin, it was a total blessing in disguise. I hated her for it but realize that moving out on my own made me realize all the things I love about being alone. Boyfriend feels at home in my apartment whereas he never felt comfortable in the house. I ultimately found my true independence by living alone. The underground parking is pretty rad too.

I got so much knitting done!

During my terrible bouts of no-job-ness, I’ve been knitting like a madwoman, working on limiting my stash considerably as I don’t have much money to spend on yarn. I’m making the giant wedding blanket (chugging along, thanks for asking), I’ve made at least 10 cowls, a few pairs of mittens, countless hats, a sweater later ripped out, baby clothes for Coach and so many other things of which I’m infinitely proud.

I’m a D20 girl!

And I’m an editor for their magazine. This will help in getting a permanent job ultimately and will also help with my cosplaying job as it’ll need to be much more spot-on than it has been previously. Now where’s the gold duct tape?


I wish I could say that things had been fantastic this past year but among the contracts ending, the appendectomy, the migraines and violent illness causing me to leave a job, getting kicked out of residence and being forced to move on a pulled calf muscle, the broken ankle, the sprained ankle, sliding my car into a ditch, the constant lack of money and the general malaise I feel about being unemployed and mildly undesirable as a writer, I know that this year is going to be looking up. It has to. I’ve been telling myself so often that it has to be better that the power of positive thinking and my good-juju-snow falling on my birthday will definitely be steering me in the right direction this coming year. I have 365 days to make my life something fantastic. Ready…GO!


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