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A Long Time Coming

OK. So I suck.

I didn’t post like I was going to a while back. And I didn’t post regularly.

Work has been crazy. When I’m not at my proposal writing gig, I’m selling the yarn. I can’t even say I’ve been knitting all that much.

I’ve been obsessed with the Thistle cap, though.

So let’s start from the beginning: when we last met I was working on, I’m sure, a blanket for Boyfriends’ college friends’ wedding which was yesterday. Hey look, we forgot. We didn’t get the official invite until Boyfriend went to the bachelor party and we both had to work. Whatevs. Because we never actually got a real invite to the wedding, I decided to give it to my boss, as her little one is due any time now.

This blanket was not without its issues. I cast on 600 stitches, for the first issue. But it trucked along pretty well until I got to work one day a few weeks ago and kept knitting on it. I was onto the first part of the red and I was holding two strands of Cascade 220 Superwash together. A customer came into the store, I picked up the pile of yarn on my lap and felt something weird with it. When I returned, I looked at this:

Yeah. That’s about 360 stitches OFF the needles. The cable literally BROKE at the join. I grabbed another needle in a smaller size and quickly ran them through the stitches and didn’t do anything with it out of pure anger until that night when I got home and traded out the cables. I emailed KnitPicks and they send me a new set right away, which was nice.

I kept merrily knitting along, being really careful so I wouldn’t break yet another pair of needles, and finally finished it.


I finished it while at work last weekend and immediately sent this to my boss.

She thought it was hilarious.

I put it in the washer on cold and in the dryer for a regular cycle and it only felted a little bit on the edged, but the center softened up like nobody’s business. I loved it. It’s also larger than it should be, but I expect the little girl to grow up into a sophisticated young lady with a gorgeous hand-knit blanket that her mother was presented only a month after meeting the knitter. I love stories like that.

I also included a puerperium cardigan to keep her warm this season.

It got rid of the pink. It was worth it to me.

She immediately held it up to her belly as if the babe could see it. I find baby knits so charming. And fast. I love it.

It was after this point that I wanted to knit for myself. So thus began the obsession with the Thistle Cap.

Business in the front
Party in the back!

I didn’t have anything to knit while at work so I picked up a couple skeins of Quince & Co. in Lupine and Frost. The Frost is so pure white/grey/blue that I can’t get enough of it. I had hope that I’d be able to finish this one in one skein, but I ran out just as I was starting the crown, so I picked up the Frost so I could do a snowy cap. It went in the pile of hats to go to soldiers this season. Did I mention I made this in a day?

Next, I picked up my Plucky Knitter in Flying Atlas and wound it the next day at work.

Blue really shows off the cables!

This one took a while longer to finish because I was busy and not terribly dedicated to it, but this pattern is so simple that it’s easy to put it down for a week and pick up and know exactly where you are.

So. Coming up.

Tonight I cast on a cowl for the CrossFit Games Knit/Crochet-along. A bunch of us CrossFitting Knitters decided it would be cool to knit during the 6 days of the CrossFit Games this year. We’re all doing small projects that will be done in 6 days. I’ve picked up skein of Malabrigo Rios to mix with the Wintry Mix Plucky Knitter that was going into the overbust corset shrug but I hated so I ripped and now it will go around my neck.

So Monday morning while my car gets fixed, I’m casting on 200 stitches and knitting at random when I want to change colors. Wednesday we fly to California. Thursday we’ll probably go see the Masters division finals. Then Friday we’ll be at the StubHub center with 25,000 other CrossFitters to watch the 90 fittest men, women and teams compete in the toughest CrossFit competition in the world. Have you guessed that I’m a little excited?

Until then, I’m working on a purple Tam out of Rios. I’m in love.

Hope your weekends were all wonderful. I’m off to my apartment to ice my sore back from picking up countless boxes. Then I get to go unload them in the new apartment.


One thought on “A Long Time Coming

  1. The blanket & sweater are gorgeous. I love when people I knit for get excited over the gifts. I am not a hat person but I do like the look of the Thistle Cap I may have to cast one on soon. I looked up CrossFit games on Youtube & oh my goodness it looks amazing.

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