Randomly on a...

Monday Randomness

I like to think I’m a pretty reliable person.

Then I realize it’s been more than a month since the last time I posted.

So here’s a wrap-up of my month:

1. I finished the socks for boyfriend. He wears them a lot at night, now, and scuttles around on the linoleum in the kitchen while smiling like a dork because his toesies are warm.

2. I finished a puerperium cardigan for my knitting friend Sandy who had her baby girl about a week ago. I made some design additions to this one, pretty much I got a little overzealous with the raglan increases so this sweater will definitely fit Little Girl in about a year. I used old buttons from my mom who has a really nice stash of buttons from her own purchases as well as from my grandmother. I raided her stash and wound up with these adorable buttons. Luckily she had 8 in the same size.


3. Boyfriend requested fingerless mitts in the same colorway as his hat. I started on them, realized they were too big, ripped them out and started again. I’m now through the gusset on the second one, but I’m stalled out. He, obviously, has been nagging me about them, “Hey so it’s kind of cold out today… Really makes me wish I had some fingerless mitts to keep warm while driving…” to which I glare at him, he smiles and I look back down at my sweater.

These are not the final mittens. This is the too-big mitt that I ripped out.

4. I’m knitting a Featherweight Cardigan. It’s really slow going. I’m using Shelridge Farms SoftTouch Heather in the grey cone I got a few years back at Stitches Midwest. It has a slant to it right now, but I assume it’ll block out, which seems to be a mantra for me lately.

There is no image of this project. Because it looks like a big mound of dark grey knitting.

5. I knit a lining. I don’t think I showed off my two-day cowl because it was super basic. I bought two skeins of Malabrigo Rios (Puerperas and Archangel) and it amazingly looks like it’s one skein, but I only did stockinette throughout the entire thing so I grew to dislike how it rolled. I had another two skeins of Rios (Puerperas and Candombe) and decided to pick up the existing stitches and knit a lining. The final result is big and warm and so soft and, I suspect that after a good heavy blocking, I’ll be able to double it around my neck without feeling like I’m being suffocated.


6. Two words: FOOT OVENS. I was looking for something really warm to wear at Boyfriends and my place while I don’t have the heating on (I’m determined this year to keep my heating costs really low).  I stopped at Ben Franklin in Oconomowoc (They have Cascade now!) and picked up some KnitPicks Harmony Needles along with some Cascade 220 superwash in a cranberry and ivory colorway. Toes, heel and cuff in ivory and the rest in the cranberry and I love them. Boyfriend and I snuggled up the other night with our socks in front of the space heater and watched Big Bang Theory.


7. I made a cowl in one day. Super chunky and I wanted to wear it that night and following day, so I finished it while playing DnD. I haven’t worn it since blocking because it does the same annoying (really obnoxious with chunky  yarn) curling, so I’ll be attaching a lining and it will go to Murphy for Christmas.

That’s all I’ve got. I will be back next week. Hopefully.



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