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An Apology and a Resolution

So I was at home last night. On the couch. Knitting. Watching Doctor Who.

And I realized that I have been a terrible blogger and it’s been months since my last post. I always say that I’m going to rectify this, but this year I honestly swear that I will be writing more. I don’t know why I don’t write more: it’s my outlet. It’s my de-stressor. It keeps me sane.

I write for work, but it’s not the same kind of writing. This writing I understand; I understand how the needles slip in and out of the strands of yarn and how my hands move to the beat of music or how I can put down this big cowl I’m stupidly trying to start and finish in one night (it didn’t work, by the way) and pick it up the next day and remember precisely where I am the following bleary-eyed morning.

Work writing is stressful; it’s technical; it makes my brain hurt by the end of the day. Writing about knitting makes me feel like I’m doing something right with my life. I feel accomplished when I finish that row or complete the next cable or even turn the heel on a sock that I’m not doing whatsoever… >.>

So while I failed at felting the french press slippers I had planned, I managed to make it OK by starting a simple hat with a big brim and finishing it in three days. I vowed to start making a pompom for said hat. I finished a gaptastic cowl in three days while traveling and cooking and visiting with family. The cowl is 20 stitches too big, but it still keeps me warm during this deep chill. I started another hat with two strands of sock yarn as soon as the green was was done. I need a new tam for winter as my Purple Rios Tam has started to stretch out.

2013 sucked. No doubt about it. I was unemployed for half of it. I got a cyst on my ovary. I had abnormal cells removed from my body and more biopsies and tests than I care to admit. I gained 10 pounds of muscle without losing any fat.

But there are some silver linings: I did eventually get a job that I really enjoy. I became Lead Editor for D20 Girls Digital Magazine, Boyfriend and I are still going strong and he’s still completely obsessed with the cranberry orange muffins I made randomly for Christmas morning. I moved to a cheaper apartment which, while the downstairs neighbor smokes, is a much better situation than before.

I rang in 2014 with a kiss from Boyfriend and a wonderful day with his family. It’s been quiet so far at work lately, though we’re finally ramping up with the proposals and contracts to be written so I’m being kept busy.

2014 will be better. 



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