Team Get Sh!t Done

This is the winter that never ends. I am well aware that, living in Wisconsin, we’re going to get some seriously cold weather during the winter season, but this is ridiculous. The beginning of this week gave us another three days of -20 degrees with the wind chill which has forced me to wear two hats, two pairs of mittens, a woolen sweater, knit socks and generally wishing I had some polar bear fur to wrap up in.

I have some goals now that this year is well under-way and I figure sharing them with you all will keep me honest.

1.) Posting at least once a week: I think I’m already off schedule on this one, but the blogs are always on my mind. Whether I’m talking about what I’m starting or, more aptly, what I’m finishing, I want to have 52 posts by the end of the year!

2.) Set up a yarn budget: I’m headed to the bank to get quarters to finally do laundry for the first time in about three weeks and will be setting up a savings account for my yarn only. Every Monday, 10 dollars will get automatically transferred from my checking to my savings and I can only spend money from that account on yarn. This forces me to really prioritize the amount of money I spend on yarn and if that yarn is really imperative. Obviously, there are some emergencies (like the four skeins of Cascade 220 I bought for Murphy’s birthday in two weeks…) that will have to break the rule, but otherwise I will be keeping to it. This will help me immensely when the time comes for Stitches Midwest and Wisconsin Sheep and Wool in August and September.

3.) FINISH THINGS: So far this year I have finished a pair of socks and a hat. I want to finish at least two things per month whether it’s a sweater, a pair of socks, a hat or a cowl. I have the yarn. I will get it knit.

4.) Knit from the stash: I have so much gorgeous yarn that desperately wants to be knit so that’s exactly what I will be doing.

5.) Do some good: I have already gone through the massive stash and filled a garbage bag of yarn and sent off 12 hats for the Knitmore Girls Podcaster Throwdown for Halos of Hope. My hope is to continue spreading the knitting love to other people throughout the year, even if it’s just to donate more yarn to the church.

6.) Start the Master HandKnitter Program: Lots of swatches and reporting. My hope is to start it by summer and have level 1 done by Christmas. One skein of fishermen’s wool from Lion Brand and I’ll be able to get them all done, I think!


So. January 31. Here’s my WIPs. This will also have a running tally on the right sidebar to keep me honest.

My number ONE priority: The Commission. Seed stitch is SO BORING. Going to work exclusively on this tonight and this weekend with the hopes of having it done by the end of knit night on Monday. Then I can give it to the lucky girl and I’ll have some yarn money to add to the account.

Murphy’s birthday present: I’m about half done with it, just need to get about 150 yards out of the second skein and then finish it off. It has a deadline of the 15th when we are getting together for her birthday. Shouldn’t take too long.

The Super Bulky hoodie: Knit with Lion Brand Thick & Quick in a gorgeous cream colorway. The body is partly done and I think slowly chipping away at it over the month will allow for a final product while it’s still cold out!

The Worsted Weight Featherweight cardigan: Yes, I know this is a slight oxymoron. Knit with the Sand colorway cone of Shelridge Farms, my hope is to finish this by the end of March. It’ll be a perfect birthday gift to myself.

Socks: Forever I’ll be knitting them. Patons Kroy in colorway “Flax” on the toes, heels and cuffs, Loops and Threads 80-10-10 Wool-Cashmere-Nylon in colors “Crocuses and Oceanic” on size 2 needles. Two at a time, toe up. Houdini-style.

The Sincere Sheep cowl: It’s a gorgeous orange and purple but it’s taking me forever. I switch off every other row to do garterstitch in the round. I have been knitting it since Christmas of 2012. Pretty sure it’ll take me until the end of next year to finish.

Advent Mittens: I got through six last December before other things distracted me. I’ll likely work on these during the summer as they’re quick and portable and won’t make me warm.

Penny’s Santa Hat: It’s currently buried under a mountain of laundry. I just need to figure out the math for the crown. Shouldn’t be too hard.

Dark and Stormy: I really hate the way my leaflet came out in the Tosh Chunky, so I’m going to frog the whole thing, give the yarn a good wash and start it here. This won’t get started until a few months from now, but it’s on my radar.

The Grey Gaptastic: It’s grey Cascade 128 and a skein of Plucky Sport. I got partway through it before I got the commission and now it’s just sitting around doing nothing, waiting to be knit. I’ll finish it when I decide I like seed stitch again.


Keep me honest, people. Once a week, my progress will be up! Promise.


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