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Making Progress

I am a weak-willed individual with no hope in finishing projects I don’t really care about all that much.

But at least I’m finishing things I need to get done.

I finished the commission and delivered it to the commissioner. Or am I the commissioner and she is the commissionee? What?
Regardless, two gaptastic cowls and one self-ruffling scarf and it’s out of my apartment! I finished both cowls with less than two yards left over for the bind off, they blocked in one night and they’re cute and I’m really proud of the final products, regardless of how tedious it was to complete them.

Murphy’s birthday present is done. This is the most she’s seen of it:

So there. Two things done all within 5 days of my resolution.

And then I fell apart. The chunky sweater is still sitting on the floor with one front panel done up to the shoulder and I’m fully aware of the fact that a small amount of work needs to go into it and it’ll be done, but I feel like I need to lose 5 pounds before starting this one again so my stomach won’t look so enormous when it’s done. This being said– I have NOT seen what I look like in this sweater apart from my reflection in the plastic-covered patio window. I can hear you shaking your head as I write this. Don’t judge me.

I finished Murphy’s present on Sunday night and didn’t knit anything until Monday night at knitting where I forgot my stitch book and/or couldn’t remember the cable pattern for my Madelinetosh Pashmina hat. So I pulled my Tahki Donegal Tweed, the Christmas present from Boyfriends’ parents and cast on for a repeat of Murphy’s present, but this one is for me. I know this project takes about two skeins of Cascade 220 and the yardage is about the same, so I’ll have one last skein to make some mittens.

Come to think of it, I might break into the mittens first and use all the remaining yarn on the scarf.

Anyone else notice how this isn’t on the list to the right? I had to make a concession when I realized I’d been wearing the same cowl every single day on my way out of the apartment. Somehow, all of my knitting is gone and not being used around my neck. I’ve also lost my Malabrigo Rios mittens from the CrossFit Games KAL. I can’t find them anywhere… I’m sure as soon as I finish these mittens they’ll show up. 

So the above picture is how far I got after about two hours at knitting. I then went home and made a mad search for my stitch pattern book so I could find a cable motif for the Pashmina hat. My very third design, all!

I found an Antler cable and it was exactly what I wanted. This little 16 stitch repeat over 6 rows is so stinking easy and I love it. This also gives me a reason to break out my Rosewood cable needles, of which I am obsessed. It is so smooth and versatile and it’s beautiful and I have nothing but good things to say about it. After about 2 more hours, I had 3 cables completed and I was totally ready for bed.

Tuesday night I worked late and didn’t get to my knitting until I was home and finally able to relax. I picked up the pashmina and kept knitting all night until we went to bed at 11 after trying to catch up on the Olympics.

Work has been insanity. I’m so exhausted. So much stuff and so many proposals are going out the door this week, I’m working late, missing Crossfit and drinking an obscene amount of coffee to the point where I almost feel more tired than before. I also have a migraine that’s currently eating away at my brain.

You’ll notice some changes in the list to the right. I realized  I’m putting pipe-dreams of projects on the list, rather than what’s actually on my needles right now. Once the project is actually on my needles, I’ll put it on the list.


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