So…that happened

It’s been months. MONTHS since I last posted.

To say I’ve been busy and stressed out is a very serious understatement.

I got to the point where I was so stressed out at my job that I couldn’t sleep at night. I had gained 20 pounds and I was just so unhappy every single day. I was even pissing off boyfriend because I would do nothing but bitch whenever I came home. So I found a new job… and I left the proposal writing gig. Happily.

This past week I finally got my hormones in order. My skin is clearing up and I’m sure I’m down a few pounds at least. I’m also sleeping through the night! Woo!

This job is not a permanent position– I went back to being a contractor and this job is going to last 6 months. I am totally OK with this fact and it actually makes things easier because I’m done with work and I don’t feel obligated to log on during the weekends while working at the yarn shop; I don’t feel like I’m doing something wrong while I sit down and watch TV instead of writing something. I receive praise regularly from my superiors. It’s completely foreign to me after 10 months of being told I wasn’t good enough every single day.

I also get to knit more. And I’ve been on a finishing spree to the point where I don’t have anything left on the needles and am in need of inspiration.

This season/year of finishing things has been crazy successful and I’ve been working on getting through my stash while saving money for yarn at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool and Stitches Midwest.

Since I last wrote, I finished the chunky sweater only to realize it was enormous. I didn’t start again just out of spite. The yarn (80/20 Acrylic/wool) is actually felting, believe it or not.


I finished the antler hat and I love it. I’ve been wearing it constantly whenever I need to wear a hat out of the apartment.

Yarn is Madelinetosh Pashmina in colorway “Kelp” and size 2/4 needles.

The not-so-color-Tipped-Scarf is near the half-way point and I’ve not started it up again. One day, it’ll get picked up and worked on.

Yarn is Tahki Stacy Charles in Natural Colorway. Knitting the “Color Tipped Scarf” from Purl Bee

I finished a pair of socks but realized they were too small for me so they wound up going to Michigan to live with Boyfriends’ mother. The 8-inch cuff just about killed me, but she received them and started wearing them right away. They look great on her.

Toes, Heels and Cuffs are Patons Kroy in colorway Flax. Body is Loops & Threads Luxury sock in ‘ocean’ colorway.

When I got home, I cast on a pair of socks for myself out of Happy Fuzzy Yarn and have been very slowly working on it whenever I feel like knitting something with tiny ass needles and no effort. Or if I need something small. Boyfriends’ socks are still languishing on the chair in the living room. I’m sure he’ll get them for Christmas.

I pulled the sincere sheep cowl from the stash earlier in the season and have finally started knitting it again. I think I’m past the halfway point, but it’s just very slow and monotonous. It’s so gorgeous though…

The Advent mittens and Penny’s santa hat will be finished by the end of the year but I’m not interested in knitting a santa hat in freaking April.

Same goes for the grey Gaptastic that I ripped out and will hopefully be knitting into something else. I’m sure when the season changes into Fall, things will change,  but eh. Right now I’m not interested.

I did also start some new projects since the beginning of the year that didn’t make it on the list.

I finished a Cardigan, but the story behind this one is for another post, later in the week. The draft is being written tonight. I swear. 

I started and finished an Eagle Twist shawl with 2 and a smidge skeins of Tosh Sport in colorway Cosmos. The Eagle Twist is a super simple short-row shawl with a cable down the spine. I was a bit obsessive over it.

This is not the completed shawl. The final product needs to be blocked again because Tosh yarns suck at blocking.

I finished another insanely simple shawl with Malabrigo Rios in colorway VAA this past Friday. I finished in with enough to probably do another row, but the shawl became enormous and just got to the point where it hurt to knit the rows because they were heavy and long. It fits around my neck beautifully, though.

Took this shot while the shawl was taking a bath. It blocked beautifully and it’s so soft and squooshy.

I finished two hats for Boyfriend to choose from for Blue Beanie Day. The first one I cast on shortly after buying the Shepherd’s Wool yarn in Michigan in February but petered out on it by the time I got to the crown. I finished the crown and wove in the ends on Monday during knit night and cast on the Malabrigo Worsted that same night. I knit it whenever I wasn’t with Boyfriend but we spent a lot more time than I thought this past week and it needed to be done by Friday. When we were sitting in the car on our way to Madison for a class, I told him “I’m going to take my knitting out but you aren’t allowed to look at it or guess at what it is” which totally gave it away that it was for him, but he didn’t say anything about it aside from giving me minor amounts of shit during the class while I was knitting. He took  notes and the class was rudimentary at best.

He unwrapped the hats and chose the blue Malabrigo Worsted as I thought he would do. I took the Shepherd’s Wool home the following cold morning.

I haven’t been knitting all that much lately, but I’m always carrying the Sincere Sheep cowl so I can slowly pick away at it. I’m not going to knitting group tonight, sadly, but there will be knitting at home before an early bedtime.

I hope you all forgive me for taking forever to write more. Now that things are calming down in my professional life, I hope to be able to write more and have more time to do knitting. I’m really looking forward to this summer of fun and knitting and crossfitting.


2 thoughts on “So…that happened

    1. Oh thanks! I actually created the pattern myself and am working on writing it up! It’s been a while since I made it last so I’m going to be knitting another one up and testing the pattern. I’ll post on the blog when the hat is up for purchase!

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