Call me WIFE

I wanted to hold off on writing this post until our wedding photos came in and I could share all the beautiful shots of the bridal shawls, but I couldn’t help myself.


And no, I don’t have professional photos of my wedding yet, so those will just have to wait. Don’t worry- I’m anxiously awaiting the knitting photos too!

Being married is pretty great, actually. I started a new job and Husband moved into the apartment and we’re seeing each other every night and I finally have my cuddle buddy full-time and it’s awesome.

The apartment is an absolute wreck, naturally.

I only have 5 thank-you cards written. Pretty sure I have way more than five to write.

We had to sleep in the guest room for the first few days because of how disastrous the place was. The upside of that was that I could visit my dress all the time!

Most of the normal things we would do like, clean the apartment, cook proper meals that can be eaten at the dining table and find homes for laundry have been overtaken by the overwhelming need to flip out because OH MY GOD WE HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF EVEN THOUGH WE MOVED INTO A PLACE THAT’S ENORMOUS COMPARED TO BOTH OUR OLD PLACES!

Luckily my new job is part-time, so I can work on organizing and cleaning the dickens out of the apartment on Fridays until I start working extra hours at the yarn shop. This Friday I tackle wedding-gift-central. It has taken over the dining room and I am getting anxiety every single time I pass it on my way to the kitchen. I want to have a meal as husband and wife at our dining table and that still hasn’t happened and it’s driving me bonkers.

My knitting is coming along nicely. I knit my Bifrost Scarf while in my wedding dress. I’m slowly, and not so enthusiastically, working on my Scoreboard KAL (I’m two games behind, but at least we have a bye this week! Oh who am I kidding, I probably won’t knit anymore of it for a while), and I started a new project for the long weekend Husband and I took in Door County for our honeymoon. Oh did I fail to mention how amazing my husband is? He took me to a working sheep farm for our honeymoon. We pet sheep and I bought lots of their yarn and I got on the wait list for a beautiful blue (gunmetal grey colored) fleece. I started the cowl out of Woolfolk FAR, of which I have four skeins in the pewter color way and I’m calling it “On This Day” to be a knitted representation of a special day, in this case, our wedding day 10-10-15. I’m nearing the 75% mark and will share photos when it’s all done and the pattern is written and up for sale on Ravelry.

I have some serious Camera-nesia so I have no photos of my knitting or really anything else worth documenting. It’s not much to write home about right now anyway, so they will just have to wait for another time.

If you’re super interested in my life and what photos I’ve taken recently, check out my Instagram: Wifi_4_Lyfi (Husband’s nickname for me in his phone) because I have an unhealthy obsession with Instagram.


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