Weight Loss

Forty for the Second Time

I’ve been hovering around this number for a couple of weeks, not really able to get below it because I’m a weak willed individual who really likes to follow where her hormones are wrongly telling her to go, so I figured if I post about it, I’ll have more onus and actually stick to my diet and continue the weight loss.

July 8, 2017. I stepped on the scale and saw 236.5, bringing my down a hot 40 pounds! The pictures I took later in the week proved that I’ve been losing weight and it’s showing, it just takes me some time to figure it out every time I tell people I’ve hit another milestone.

I have to look at myself every day and I see the flaws most of the time, rather than the successes. I know I need to work on the self-talk and make it more positive, and I struggle with that on a daily, hourly and momentary basis. It is only when I see the images put next to one another that I truly notice the difference. Like this one:


Or this one:


This was an interesting comparison because I almost never wear the same clothes over a long period of time- most of the stuff I own hasn’t fit in a while or it’s so big that I’ve gotten rid of it, or I’ve worn it so much that it’s ruined; the only exception is the workout tops I have because I like them to be big and unencumbering on me. The picture on the left is from the 2016 Central Regionals. I took a picture with 4-time Fittest Man on Earth, Rich Froning and I thought it was an OK picture despite being all sweaty and gross from volunteering for Rogue all day. Then the day I took the picture on the right, Coach Maggie said “I can’t believe how big that shirt is on you” and I decided to find out just how big it was on me.


I wore jeans for the first time in over at least two years. I was going through a handful of clothes from home in preparation for moving and downsizing, and I found four pair of jeans. The 14s definitely didn’t fit, the 16s almost made it over Thunder and Lightning (my thighs) and the stretchy 18s fit but required a belt to fit without falling down. I felt pretty accomplished. The jeans also made their way into my clothing rotation.

I have been 236.5 before; Actually I was 234.5 in 2012 when I started paleo and CrossFit, but I’m making the changes again and now I’m seeing much better results this time around than I did last time. This time it’s coming off glacially slow, but it’s actually staying off. I keep myself as accountable as possible and manage to keep myself in check so I don’t fall off the rails every time I eat.

I’m able to get to the gym a little more. Hubs and I bought a house and we close in a few weeks, and our nights are almost always full with something, but it’s nice to know that hubs and I still want to keep CrossFit a priority in our lives. He goes during his lunch hour and I typically squeeze in at the end of the day. The coaches at CrossFit Waukesha and Delafield are fantastic and so helpful and I’m thankful every day I can make it.

I have to remember to drink more water; I’m supposed to drink 100 oz per day but that gets difficult especially if I’m in meetings all day, so I have to be really conscious about it. Currently I’m at just under 60 oz today and have another 40 sitting on my desk waiting for me. Today this is my only goal.

Food has been a struggle for me lately. I’ve been doing Candida and gluten free for a while now and the constancy of salads at lunch is getting really grating. I also accidentally subbed out soy sauce for balsamic vinegar a couple weeks ago and it’s kind of put me off salads. The cafeteria at work is amazing and I’m thankful for that, but then I accidentally ingest some bad Barbeque sauce with a couple brats and I’m running to the bathroom with a stomach bug. It was anything but entertaining. I need to find that balance and manage to find the healthy foods while also managing the expectations of my body in that I need to avoid process sugars (sugar at all, really) and find a way to stay interested in the food options.

This being healthy thing is tricky! I just hope to find what works best for me one day. It’s all trial and error in the end, isn’t it?


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