What I’m Obsessed With Today

Surprisingly, despite the fact that I have virtually no time to do anything, I have gotten a LOT of knitting done in the past few weeks! I spend time knitting on the bus to and from work, I get some knitting done while driving somewhere with the husband, I knit at home to wind down from my day and I knit when I should probably be doing something other than knitting. Ya know, like cleaning and doing laundry.

So what’s on my needles?

Linebreak! I’ve already made one of these, but I felt like the custom yarn from Three Irish Girls that I got at the Cream City Yarn birthday party was just meant to become a linebreak. Sprinkles on Top is a short-stripe repeat that is short-rowing up perfectly. I have yet to see a pool and I’m loving every single row. I’m into the fifth (and technically the last) wedge and I can knit about two rows in 45 minutes of my drive home from work, but it’s working up so beautifully that I’m OK with it taking longer than I’d personally like. I just started the second skein so I’m a little worried that I either did the pattern wrong or if I just have that much extra yarn. I may consider making an extra wedge…


Hudson Shawl! I found this shawl while randomly searching through Ravelry. Someone had knocked off the pattern and was trying to sell it exclusively as a kit using Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok. I just wanted the pattern, not the whole kit because I’ve got a hookup to getting the yarn anyway. Then I looked at the comments and saw that they had ripped off the pattern from poor Shannon Cook. So I found her pattern and purchased it instead, knowing that I simply had to make it out of Woolstok. I did some minor changes to the pattern, especially at the end and I’m so happy with the way it came out!


Dice bags! I have so much leftover sock yarn that I don’t know what to do with so I am making dice bags. I’ve got a few of these made already, but my DnD group is in need of bags for their constantly growing pile of polyhedrals. I use three strands of fingering weight yarn and a size 8 needle, use Judy’s Magic Cast On and start working in the round right away! When I finish, I thread some ribbon or braided yarn through the live stitches so it closes up really easily.

Georgetown! This gorgeous sweater is my newest obsession and I wish I could work on it more but it takes up quite a bit of space. I started this a while ago after basically finishing a flax light, but hated everything about it, so onto the winder it went. I then grabbed some charcoal grey (That was once a cobblestone!) and decided to put it together to make this scrumptious sweater. I finished the back in what felt like no time, then dawdled a bit on the fronts, finally cranking them out in a few afternoons after a few weeks of forgetting about it. I seamed it up into what I think is my best mattress stitch to date, and then started on a short row sleeve cap which I decided I didn’t like, so I ripped it out yesterday and decided to do it just as the pattern is written. Hannah Fettig knows best. I haven’t really taken any pictures of this, so I guess I’ll have to get on that.


I’m so close to finishing a Camilla Kid sweater, but I never took pictures of it. I’m sure I can photograph it when I’m finished with it, but until then it’s just sitting in the bag.






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