About Amanda

This blog is dedicated to the memory of Professor Leslie Whitaker: Teacher, mentor, and most of all: friend. You will be dearly missed. This blog wouldn’t have happened without you.

I have a BA from UW-Milwaukee studying English and American Sign Language. I work for a large corporation for a department store. There is no knitting in retail copywriting.

I love to knit and I find it interesting that many people want to know how to knit but never do. My intention with this blog was to open up that realm to people and to allow them the opportunities I never had while learning to knit.

I love listening to music and watching TV/Movies. I can usually be found doing yoga late at night after a raucous round of knitting.



**Masthead photo courtesy of user misocrazy via Flickr Creative Commons


2 thoughts on “About Amanda

  1. Hello from Tara Bogart,

    I’m a photographer and a new knitter! Currently, I manage the Photo Dept at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. My mother, Taffnie Bogart works at the River Boutique and Yarn, in the West Galleria, Brookfield.

    She turned me on to knitting and I am making a jumper from Noro sock yarn.
    Bes Folkman, owner of the RBY hired my mom when she opened the shop in 2009 after 5 years in Hartland and she loves working there.

    Bes taught my mother to knit! Now she makes wonderful unique accessories.
    Bes is a fabulous, passionate knitter herself inspiring everyone who comes in to give knitting a whirl. The walls are adorned with samples of fashionable knit garments created by Bes….so motivating.

    The River Boutique and Yarn features quality yarns, needles, pattern books,
    one of a kind art, and carefully selected ready to wear apparel. I’m taking
    a smashing skirt with me from the RBY to Paris. Hoping to have my jumper
    ready to take along as well.

    The shop is amazing! Delicious displays of beautiful yarns. There are plenty of comfortable chairs that you can occupy to knit with others, anytime the shop is open, and even get help from the knowledgeable staff…they call themselves gypsies…

    It is such a fun and welcoming space….great customer care. The mantra at the River Boutique and Yarn, 18900 West Bluemound Road, Brookfield, in
    the west galleria is …..”Relax, knit, be inspired”. I hope you will drop by
    to get your knitting needs met at this wonderful shop say hello to Bes and Taffnie and Happy knitting,
    Tara Bogart

  2. Hi girls! I’m super excited for Cream City Yarn! I’m a relatively new knitter and I just love it! I had no idea about RIver Boutique and Yarn! I’m definitely going to pop in there too!

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