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Four Years

Happy Birthday Blog,

Four years ago today I was sitting in my Blogging class with my newfound friends Anthony and Alicia and we started you. I was nervous. I knew I liked to write and I knew I liked to knit, but I never thought it would still be in action four years later.

It was a little rough at the beginning. The pictures were lax. They weren’t the best quality. I suppose they still aren’t. I’m working on that. I swear.

When we first started, I was not the knitter I am today. I knit chunky yarn. I knit scarves. I knit acrylic.

I had so much more time on my hands than I do now. I had drafts scheduled with you for weeks in advance. Now it’s a miracle if I blog twice a month.

Still. Today marks a huge deal for me.

You, Dear Blog, are my greatest achievement. You keep the spirit of my teacher, Leslie, alive. Her loss was traumatic to me and I miss her terribly, but I know she’s looking down on me with pride knowing her teaching and hard work has gone so far.

You help me reach out to become a better knitter. I get to experiment and share those experiences with you and the people who read you. I get to say I’m not a sock knitter with a picture of a knit sock. I get to share my love and passion for the two things I love most in this world and I’m so good at doing it. And that’s all through you.

I longed to make you the next Yarn Harlot. It’s OK that you’re not. I don’t have nearly as much laundry as Stephanie does. And that’s OK with me.

Life is not the same with you in my life. I take pictures of my knitting simply so I can share the experience with you and your readers. I wrote about having sock yarn in the stash simply because I knew it would prompt me to knit with it. I start projects knowing I’ll be held accountable for the project if I write about it.

You and me, blog. We’ve been through a lot. I’ve started other blogs but you were always the first. And you’ll always be mine.

Thank you, blog. This one’s for you.




I realized the other day that September 4 is the one year anniversary of my blog.

In one year I have blogged 87 times. That really seems like a low number. (Note to self: Blog more this year)

I would have blogged yesterday but I spent the entire day with the Marine. His homecoming was a complete success and he likes the scarf I’m making him. I can’t wait to finish it and give it to him to wear when he’s in Afghanistan (I just found out their winters are also very cold so it’ll come in handy, I think.

So reflecting back on this year, I’ve done a lot of knitting. I made TONS of scarves, most of them are sitting in my closet waiting to be worn again this season. I’ve also made a ton of hats, most of which will be going overseas to the military men fighting in the Marine’s unit (well some of them… after all, I can’t make 5,000 hats by Thanksgiving). I’ve acquired a lot of fibers that I’ve been tirelessly attempting to use up in some ingenious ways. I’ve even begun felting (as soon as I put it in the washer that is…). All in all, I feel like this year has been a complete success in terms of creating and knitting. I feel very blessed that I can do something as great as this craft as it can have some amazing affects on people.

So. On to the Marine’s scarf: I know I blogged about it the other day saying it was blue… but I changed my mind when I realized I had some Cascade 220 Superwash Paints in the Seattle pile. It’s the perfect green and I thought he would love it. I also found a really pretty scarf in Men’s Knits (By Erika Knight) for a chunky cabled scarf. The pattern is 9 feet long and uses size 17 needles with a super chunky yarn. I’m using Cascade 220 held double, size 15 needles and only making it 70 inches tall (6 feet) so I’m hoping two skeins (one when held double) will be ok. So far I’m about a foot into it and a considerable amount of yarn is gone… I may have to try to find a new set of skeins… this could spell disaster. We’ll see how it goes though. I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch.

So here’s a picture of the scarf as it sits now. The flash kind of blew out the color so it’s darker than photographed here.

Anyone know where I can find Cascade 220 Superwash Paints online? I’m desperate. I’m checking Knitch on Wednesday probably.

Happy Labor Day to all. Enjoy your Monday off!