Baby Baby Baby

I frequently tell people I don’t want children and the normal response:

“You’ll change your mind”

Sorry, Mom. I won’t. Ever. In the eternal words of Luke Danes, “Kids are sticky. They always have jam on their hands. Even if there’s no jam in the house they’ll somehow have jam hands!” I fully adhere to this thought process and it frequently gets proven right by the knit-night ladies with children.

This doesn’t mean I have a total disdain of children. I like well-behaved children and I’m sure that this newest one to our knitting circle will be just that.

Erin is ready to have her baby. She’s due in 12 days exactly and she looks like she could easily go into labor today and have a gorgeous and healthy baby boy or girl in her arms in a matter of a day or so.

I, being one who knows virtually nothing about babies other than how to sway perfectly so they fall asleep on my shoulder within a matter of 10 minutes, don’t quite realize how small babies are. They freak me out in their small-ness. They’re like a football– so light and tiny and have to have the utmost care in keeping that baby in your arms.

The youngest baby I’ve ever held is little Ellie at her baptism. She was three months old. She still seemed so fragile even in all those layers of christening dress. I knit a jacket for her and I knit the 9 month size so that was still a decent size.

It was when I pulled out sock yarn and size 2 needles that I realized how tiny babies are. The pattern I found for baby mitts said to cast on 28 stitches. It looked like it wouldn’t even fit a doll. I cast on 48 and found that it was FAR too large and would thusly fit a toddler. I ripped and cast on 36, a happy medium, and ended up with this:

It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and I whip it out of my bag all the time to show it off because it always gets the ‘aww’ reaction from every single person I show it to. I finished this one in front of Erin at knit-night and she squealed; literally squealed at the sight of this adorable little mitten. I’ve started on the second and hope to have it done soon as well as a receiving hat for the little one.

I’d much rather give away the sock yarn I have left over to a baby who is already almost born so they’ll be all kinds of warm and cozy this winter than have a child. Something about the thought of pushing a watermelon through a hole the size of a golfball doesn’t seem appealing at all. Some women have the maternal gene. It must have skipped my generation.


So, onto the reason for my icord mania last weekend.

We all surprised Erin with this on Monday:

When we found out Erin was pregnant, we clandestinely set up a thread on Facebook to talk about creating a baby blanket for her and her little one. We settled on primary colors of red and blue since she’s creating a Mario-themed baby room. We only had to use worsted weight yarns and it had it be 12 inches square. Everything else was up for grabs. When we handed our squares to Jenny for seaming, we thought it was going to be so ugly but she did an amazing job making the colors work together and it looks great. I was given the blanket on Saturday and I set to applying the i-cord edging. Once I found gauge (three was too few, five wasn’t grouping correctly, four make a nice compromise) I set to knitting and had half of it done by the time we got home from Stitches. I finished the other half on Sunday, threw it in the wash and had it clean and ready to be delivered on Sunday night. I packed it in an old Cream City Yarns bag with blue tissue paper (we all kind of decided that Erin is having a boy and I’m hoping our collective powers of knitting will give her a boy) and it was ready to be given to our very pregnant mother-to-be. She and her husband loved it and were extremely happy with the present. Now baby and mommy will be warm through all of winter when they have their alone time.

No work on Clapotis since Monday. It happens. I’m sure this weekend I’ll have more time to work on it.

Wisconsin Sheep & Wool is in a week. I can’t wait!


Making baby stuff!!

I got a text from Cousin K saying ‘hey tell your mom she’s going to be a Great Aunt again!’

We immediately went into a frenzy of excitement at the amazing news. We then went into present thoughts and what colors to use (greens and yellows are good for the baby of unknown sex) and what we were going to knit/crochet for her.

I’ll admit, for family, I’m thinking big. I’m even going to hand-dye some bare yarn to a bright green/yellow/blue mix of my own loving. This requires some Merino Superwash bare yarn from Knitpicks, of course! I’m going to need five hanks I want to say for this project. I’m of the thought that hand-making a present is way better than going to Target. Sure they have the classic Pooh stuff but I prefer to make something that’s totally from the heart.

So I have these awesome delusions of grandeur. They include four projects. Most of which I haven’t ever made.

The Big Bad Baby Blanket. This pattern is from Stitch ‘n Bitch and I’ve wanted to make something like it for years. This time I’m actually going to make the real thing.

The Tomten Jacket. This pattern is going to be my first non-linear article of clothing. Elizabeth Zimmerman’s pattern is supposed to be super easy and I love those jackets on kids.

Booties. The cousin’s last baby was a big boy so I’m thinking of making a couple pairs in differing sizes depending on how easy they are.

A Cap. I’ve made beanies for my head but never for a baby. Not quite sure how the dimensions change/if it’ll need to be made completely on DPNs but I’m more than willing to give it a shot!

Mom is going to be crocheting a blanket she also made for the neighbor’s soon-to-be-joining-us grandchild. It’s yellow and has ducks on it. It’s super cute and Mom is so talented with crocheting that I’m sure she’ll be able to make this one in no time. Not sure if she’ll be using the same colors as me though…